10 Apps Every College Student Should Download Today

After going an entire 24 hours without technology (I encourage you to try it!) for a project in one of my communications classes, I came to appreciate just how much more efficient, informed, and productive life is with a smartphone. While I barely survived the exercise, I considered which applications I missed the most. So here are 10 apps that every student should download to make college life that much more fun, connected, and convenient - assuming you already have Uber, Instagram, and Snapchat installed.

1. Mint
We are constantly weighing the pros and cons of our spending decisions like whether or not it was worth it to spend $15 on Dominoes at 3 a.m. With Mint, you can see exactly how you are spending your money and what percentage of your budget is going towards food, gas, shopping, and saving. With customized budgeting and money management tips, Mint is the key to helping you keep your finances in check.

2. Postmates
Have you ever gotten home from the library and wanted nothing more than to eat Chipotle without the hassle of having to drive there and pick it up yourself? Well, Postmates has the solution to your cravings. From the palm of your hand, you can order anything to be delivered right to your dorm or apartment. So no matter what your craving is whether it be Chipotle, sushi, or a juicy hamburger from that place down the street, Postmates has you covered.

3. LiveSafe
Unfortunately, college campuses are not as safe as we would hope. LiveSafe aims to improve safety concerns for college students, offering a variety of features such as a communication function called "SafeWalk" that allows you to track a friend's movement from Point A to Point B to make sure that if someone were to walk home alone, they would get back safe and sound. It also lets you anonymously share tips and information with safety officials in the case of an emergency.

4. Venmo
We've all been out to dinner and faced the dilemma of how to split the check. With Venmo, I-O-U's are made easy as you can just send a simple reminder to friends and pay within the app.

5. Headspace
With the stress of midterms, internships, assignments and daily tasks occupying the majority of our thoughts, it is extremely important to give yourself that mental break. With Headspace, you can allow yourself to take a ten-minute break with a series of breathing and meditation exercises that will clear your head. After each session, you will enter into the rest of your day feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and mindful. Give it a try for yourself!

6. Shazam
If you've ever been at a party and wondered the name of that catchy song you heard blasting from the DJ booth, Shazam might just be your favorite app. By recording a few seconds of the song within the app, Shazam can tell you the title and artist of the song so you can be sure to add it to your Spotify playlist. While this app is surely not new, it's definitely one of the most useful.

7. The Skimm
College students are professionals at skimming. This news application shares the top news stories of the day in an engaging and concise feed so that you can stay up to date on important current events without wasting a second of your precious time. It also includes fun updates, events, and premieres such as when your favorite Netflix show is returning or when National Coffee Day is.

8. GroupMe
Whether you're working on a group project, part of a campus club, or just want to chat with your best friends, GroupMe is a fun and simple way to share funny photos, memes, or text updates. GroupMe also allows you to "like" photos that are shared in the group and contains an entire gallery of content that makes it easy to pull up those funny photos or videos from your messaging archive.

9. Toga
In college, F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out) can be worse than the flu. Toga is your go-to for the top parties, sporting events, and concerts near your university. By plugging in a university email address, students can post about fun events that are happening on or around their campus. Frat boys, this one's for you.

10. 1 Second Everyday
With such busy schedules, it can be easy to lose track of the life's most precious moments. With the "1 Second Everyday" app, you can capture the highlights of each day in just one second by snapping a quick photo or video. These moments then become pieces of a larger video diary that the app creates for your enjoyment. I encourage you to try it for an entire semester - you will be both amazed and nostalgic when you see the video recap of your favorite memories.

While these apps can surely make your life better, don't forget to look up from your screen sometimes to see the world through your eyes rather than through your phone.