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10 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for That Fitness Lover in Your Life

This can be tricky, since they tend to have every gadget and gizmo you could imagine, but fear not, here is a little guide to get that person the perfect holiday gift.
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The holidays are here... there is a chill in the air, lights everywhere, and Christmas music playing in each store you enter. As you are going through your list of people in your life who deserve a little extra something special, there is always that fitness fanatic you want to get the perfect gift for! Now, this can be tricky, since they tend to have every gadget and gizmo you could imagine, but fear not, here is a little guide to get that person the perfect holiday gift!

The newest version of the very popular fitness tracker is now wireless, using Bluetooth-powered wireless syncing to track your fitness, sleep, and daily activity. It can be customized to find the perfect size and color.

For that hardcore runner in your life, here is the perfect run companion. This watch tracks distance, pace, heart rate and calories. It has GPS and a fantastic battery life! It also tracks steps and activity throughout the day when you are not out on your long trail runs.

This scale measures weight, body composition, heart rate and even air quality! This scale can pinpoint your body mass by allowing you to choose your body type, since we all know athletes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All your data can be securely stored on your smart phone, making it easy to track and follow your health and fitness progress.

This all-in-one exercise kit is truly a full-body workout! There are three different levels to each exercise so it is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness lovers!

Every true fitness lover knows the importance of stretching and rolling used muscles. One of the best foam rollers out there today is the trigger point foam roller, your best and worst friend.
This roller works through your tight muscles and knots to get your body moving and feeling better!

This gift is perfect for any yogi. This mat is designed to wick away moisture, when you are getting extra sweaty in some downward dogs. The lulu towel is a great prop to be used on top of the mat. This adds a second layer of protection from sweaty palms and feet. You don't want your bakasana pose turning into a diving crow!

Depending where you live, sometimes the holidays does not mean winter weather. For your fitness lover who runs outdoors, these arm warmers are great for when it isn't quite cold enough for long sleeves but a tank will leave you with a chill. They even have thumbholes, and who doesn't love thumbholes!

Here is a little something for that weight lifting, protein buff in your life. The Umoro One is great for carrying protein shakes, meal replacements, water enhancers, and sport supplements. The storage compartment is completely leak proof! Now you don't have to keep plastic baggies of mix with you: just one bottle, a push of a button and BAM.

Tired of shoving your key in your sports bra and socks or hiding it under your tire and hoping that isn't the first place someone will look? Well here is the solution for every runner, hiker, biker, and outdoor fitness enthusiast. Just place your car key inside the run lock compartment and secure it to your car door handle. Genius.

This gift is great for anyone who loves fitness, nutrition, or health in general. There are so many magazines that offer amazing information and tips on fitness, nutrition, health and wellness. You can check ones out like Shape, Fitness, Health, Runners World, Yoga Journal, and many more! Now each month when your special someone receives this in the mail they will be reminded of just how thoughtful you are.