10 Awesome Pack-And-Go Lunch Recipes (For Grown-ups)

Thought Rice Krispies Treats couldn’t get any better? Wrong!
05/06/2017 07:39am ET | Updated May 6, 2017

Packed lunches are just for the kids. Whether you’re preparing a picnic or packing lunch for work, these easy recipes will leave you feeling happy and satisfied — no reheating required!

This unique recipe is adapted from Oleana chef Ana Sortun’s inspiring cookbook, Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean. Keep a pitcher in the fridge and pour into tupperware containers when it’s time to pack lunches. GET THE RECIPE

Made with bulgur, fresh herbs, chopped vegetables and chickpeas, this popular Middle Eastern-style salad is like a bulked-up tabbouleh. It keeps beautifully so keep it in the fridge all week long for healthy lunches. GET THE RECIPE

Round out your lunch with a little something sweet. These wholesome bars are crispy, chewy, and rich: a mishmash of nuts, cereal, coconut, and dried blueberries held together with a sweet almond butter-date paste. Unlike most homemade granola bars, they hold together well without crumbling. GET THE RECIPE

I make this earthy lentil and vegetable salad when I get fed up with hasty on-the-go lunches and am craving something wholesome. It’s made with French green lentils, which are ideal for salads because they stay firm and hold their shape when cooked. GET THE RECIPE

Tender roasted chicken, juicy grapes and crunchy cashews in a rich and creamy curry dressing — it’s the perfect sweet and savory combo. GET THE RECIPE

This main-dish-salad is everything you want a warm weather meal to be: flavorful, light and totally satisfying. GET THE RECIPE

This is a classic shrimp salad with an Old Bay kick. Pile it onto a roll, scoop it over greens, or serve it with crackers. GET THE RECIPE

This salad is a healthy eater’s dream: flavorful, chock-full of protein and veggies, and low in fat. It’s wonderful as is, but feel free bulk it up with cooked shrimp, crab or lobster. GET THE RECIPE

Seasoned with fresh rosemary, anise seeds and a splash of balsamic vinegar, this chilled bell pepper soup will wake up your taste buds. Pour it in a thermos and off you go! GET THE RECIPE

Thought Rice Krispies Treats couldn’t get any better? Wrong! These are made with browned butter, extra salt, and a secret ingredient that makes them taste toasty and caramel-y. I’ll give you a clue: it starts with “golden” and ends with “grahams.” GET THE RECIPE