18 Beautiful Destinations to Visit in 2018 - Shared by Season

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get-up-and-go, allow me to introduce some of the most SPECTACULAR places in the world.

Set up by season, scroll down to sync up your calendar with the most beautiful destinations around the world.

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Where to Travel to this Winter:

1. Alberta, Canada

For snow...

And wolf dogs....

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If you’re looking for what’s hot in the winter, the best escapes are in the Caribbean...

2. The Bahamas

3. And the Grand Cayman Islands

4. And the Dominican Republic (after November, before June)

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5. Abu Dhabi

To escape the snow and beat the heat, explore Abu Dhabi.

During the spring, head to California.

5. California

But really, come to California ANY time.

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6. In the Spring and Early Summer from Mid- April to Mid-June, Visit Greece

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7. May, June and July is the best time to go to Bali

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8. The Spring is also the best time to explore Morocco

9. Or chase spring flowers in the Netherlands

10. In July, Kenya receives the Wildebeest Migration

And you can play with Giraffes, year long!

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11. In the summer, stay cool in Iceland

12. Or take in some sunshine, a la Maldives

13. In October the Wildebeest, Elephants, and Game head back to Serengeti, Tanzania

14. October to December, head to Bhutan

15. And get some heat in Tulum

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16. For the fall head to Seoul

Where to travel to for the winter holidays:

17. Washington State

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18. Brussels

Charming and intimate, spend the holidays with the people you love in a place you can love together.


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