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10 Beauty Products To Turn Your Long-Haul Flight Into A Personal Spa

There's nothing like a 15-hour flight to make you feel the full effects of aging 15 hours (or years). Cramped seats, dry air, noisy and nosy neighbors. It can be hard to relax.
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Photo courtesy of Murchison Hume. Treat yourself: Coconut oil, a leave-on facial mask, and a teeny-tiny makeup kit for big results that take up minimal space in your carry-on.

By Berit Baugher for Fathom | There's nothing like a 15-hour flight to make you feel the full effects of aging 15 hours (or years). Cramped seats, dry air, noisy and nosy neighbors. It can be hard to relax. We're taking back our air time with TSA-friendly products made for personal pampering on the go. Add a glass of cucumber water, a little Enya, and you're on your way to a calm, relaxing — and dare we say — indulgent ride.

1. Travel Safe Surface Spray

Who knows what's living on your tray table? Give your seat and surrounding surfaces a quick spray and wipe to ensure a germ-free flight.

Available at: for $5.


2. Cocovit Coconut Oil

A TSA-friendly container of our favorite multipurpose beauty product.

Available at: for $25.

3. BeautyRX Anytime Pads

Remove makeup and refresh skin with gentle, alcohol-free toner pads. The small size and handy container make it a cinch to carry on.

Available at: for $9.


4. Soul Sunday Facial Oil

The aim of the game: glowing skin. The flower-infused facial oil comes in a sleek roll-on tube for easy application in transit.

Available at: for $26.

5. DuWop iGels

Tired eyes and dark circles are a given after transatlantic flights. Reduce and refresh with a set of reusable cool gel discs discreetly hidden under your sleep mask.

Available at: for $25.


6. Mecca Cosmetica Lip Treatment

Avoid post-flight chapped lips with a repair treatment made from shea butter and vitamin E.

Available at: for $32.

7. Korres Sleeping Facial

Walk off your flight with brighter, more hydrated skin. The leave-on mask goes on like a normal moisturizer, blending in and working it's magic while you doze (or catch up on your favorite TV show).

Available at: for $45.


8. Mio Clean Slate Workout Wipes

When a warm shower isn't on the agenda, remove sweat, dirt, and airplane grime with jumbo cucumber-and-mint cleansing wipes.

Available at: for $37.

9. In Transit Spray On Moisture

Skip heavy-duty moisturizing cream for an easy-to-use spritz infused with plant oils and sea minerals.

Available at: for $23.


10. The Stowaway Kit

Don't let the photo fool you: This cosmetics collection is tiny. But while the make-up kits may take up minimal space in your carry-on, they deliver maximal results on your face.

Available at: for $75.

Berit is an editor at Fathom. You can follower her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. She travels for sweets and beautiful design.

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