10 Benefits of Consuming Green Vegetables

You can go back to your childhood days when your parents strongly encouraged you to eat your vegetables. In particular, they probably focused on you eating the green ones; they advised that those were better for you and would keep you healthy.

You were probably reminded by watching those Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons where he would quickly consume a can of spinach, causing him to have more strength.

Besides spinach, some of the healthiest green vegetables include: broccoli, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, asparagus and kale. Not only are these vegetables green in color, they contain plenty of Vitamin C.

Here are 10 additional benefits of consuming green vegetables:

Spinach contains plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep the brain healthy and works to promote bone and muscle strength.

  1. Spinach contains plenty of antioxidants along with Vitamins A, C and iron.
  2. Broccoli contains fiber and is considered a rich source to your diet.
  3. Broccoli can also benefit your body in the following ways: reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease; heals skin that has been damaged by the sun and increases your immune system.
  4. Even though romaine lettuce is most made up of water, it contains plenty of fiber.
  5. Romaine lettuce has a very low caloric count.
  6. Including Swiss chard in salads is a benefit because it contains Vitamins, C, K and plenty of calcium.
  7. Asparagus is a factor in lowering the risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. It also contains antioxidants that work in preventing the skin from being damaged by the sun.
  8. Kale is advantageous for your health - it serves as a vitamin for hair, skin and nails.
  9. Kale can prevent muscles from becoming sore after a workout due to lactic acid.

For those green vegetables that contain antioxidants, this element is a plus for you. They can protect your body from free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals that can harm cells in your body. Consuming some green vegetables that contain antioxidants can also help you to prevent certain medical conditions, such as certain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

A few of the green vegetables listed in this article, contain Vitamin C. It is considered one of the safest nutrients. It is also responsible for prevention against cardiovascular disease, eye disease and other potential health issues. In addition to helping with a cold, this vitamin is also advantageous with providing health benefits for strokes and prevention of premature aging (of the skin).

Leafy green vegetables, in which some are mentioned within this article, contain plenty of fiber, along with plant-based substances that work to protect you from medical conditions such as diabetes, in addition to heart disease and cancer. Even though these vegetables are good for you and your health, many people are not taking advantage of consuming them and reaping the health benefits.

Even though you may have thought that your parents were trying to force these foods down your throat, in reality, you have realized that these foods are more beneficial for you now. Try some of these with other foods – you just may enjoy them!

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