10 Best Email Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading Right Now

10 Best Email Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading Right Now
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Developing a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge can go a long way to build a successful career. Especially if you’re in the marketing industry.

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry. Even the books published on this topic go out of date before they hit the stands. So, running to a bookstore to learn more about marketing is not going to help. The best way is to subscribe to the leading blogs in the industry.

If you’re a digital marketer looking to grow your knowledge of email marketing, here are the best blogs you should be reading right now.

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing services in the world. Their business blog also covers topics related to email marketing strategies as well as guides and tutorials on how to use the software.

Why Read This Blog?

Constant Contact blog features plenty of great resources for email marketers, including essential guides on marketing automation and marketing advice on list segmentations.

If you’re looking for information on how to create the perfect email campaign, craft attractive opt-in forms, or ideas for creating lead magnets, OptinMonster Blog is a blog you must have in your bookmarks.

OptinMonster is the company behind one of the most popular lead generation software. So, the team certainly knows what they’re talking about.

Why Read This Blog?

A great thing about the OptinMonster Blog is that they always go the extra mile with the content. Each blog post in this website offers in-depth information on email marketing related topics with clear and actionable advice. You can expect great guides like how to measure content marketing ROI or 69 effective lead magnet ideas and more from this blog.

SendinBlue is a company offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 50,000 growing companies and has a blog that is all about email marketing. Blog topics range from email optimization to industry news and much more.

Why Read This Blog?

The blog also covers different types of topics in different perspectives as well. For example, like how to personalize your emails for better engagement and creating a winning eCommerce email strategy.

InfusionSoft is an industry-leading marketing company that combines CRM, email marketing, and eCommerce. The official InfusionSoft blog is filled with useful tips, guides, and resources that every marketer should read to stay relevant.

Why Read This Blog?

InfusionSoft covers many topics, including email marketing, automation, sales, and more. You will find plenty of great articles on this blog, like ideas for creating better email subject lines and best email formats.

When it comes to email marketing, HubSpot is a company that you can’t forget about. HubSpot Blog gets updated regularly with in-depth and useful content that teach email marketers on how to implement inbound methodology into their own marketing strategies.

Why Read This Blog?

If you like free stuff like templates, eBooks, and case studies, HubSpot Blog will never disappoint you. In addition to their useful content, HubSpot often gives away templates for tracking email marketing campaigns and guides on creating email templates.

MarketingProfs is a highly educational website that covers a wide variety of marketing related topics. In addition to email marketing, the blog covers branding, brand management, consumer behavior, advertising, metrics, and many topics that are important for marketers.

Why Read This Blog?

MarketingProfs also share essential guides, reports, and studies on email marketing. Like the 39-page guide on Gmail tricks and 36-page guide on creating effective lead magnets.

The name itself should give you an idea of what kind of content to expect from this blog. Convince And Convert covers all things related to digital marketing from content marketing to social media strategies and influencer marketing.

Why Read This Blog?

Let’s face it, email marketing wouldn’t succeed without the content and this blog offers plenty of guides and tips in that area.

Reports related to content marketing research and guides on finding the best time to send emails are just a couple of the types of blog posts you can find on this blog.

Litmus is the creator of several email marketing tools that help businesses create effective emails for their subscribers. The company blog is also just as useful as their tools.

Why Read This Blog?

Litmus publishes high-quality blog posts related to email marketing. And they also occasionally publish informative case studies and reports. You will also be able to watch webinars on email marketing and get free stuff like email templates as well.

Email Monday is a blog run by an email marketing specialist named Jordie van Rijn. He uses this blog to document and showcase his different experiences as an email marketing consultant.

Why Read This Blog?

The specialty about this blog is that this blog shares a lot of personal content that involve real-life work. Like the mistakes he made with his own newsletter or 150 email split testing ideas.

Duct Tape Marketing is a platform that teaches people how to become effective marketers. Their blog is also populated with many types of content that will take you from a beginner marketer to an expert.

Why Read This Blog?

Duct Tape Marketing blog features content on several topics, including content marketing, lead generation, lead conversion, and more. From this blog, you will learn how to convert leads into clients or how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and more.

As a marketer, you should always plan to dominate the future instead of planning for today. Subscribe, bookmark, and explore these blogs to stay ahead of your competition and stay relevant.

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