11 Best Golf Courses In The World (PHOTOS)


Arnold Palmer is synonymous with golf. He's won a whopping 92 championships and has gained much acclaim as a course designer. Since Palmer has designed some of the best fairways in the world, National Geographic asked him to tell them what goes into making a challenging, enjoyable golf course. His must list includes: budget, style or type, terrain features, water source, soil, prevailing winds, vegetation, environmentally-sensitive area, safety, and most importantly, variety of holes.

Based on these requirements, National Geographic put together a list of the 10 Best Golf Courses in their book "The 10 Best Of Everything." Text and captions courtesy of National Geographic.

While we can't guarantee you can play on each of them, they're great fun to visit.

Take a look at National Geographic's favorites and let us know yours!

Muirfield Village Golf Club

11 Best Golf Courses

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