10 Best Local Playgrounds For Adults In Europe

Playgrounds are just for children? Of course they aren’t!
09/19/2016 12:45am ET | Updated September 19, 2016

Playgrounds are just for children? Of course they aren’t!

Adults’ playgrounds are about movement, adrenaline, fun and carelessness. So, on this list you will find 10 best local playgrounds where adults can wake up their inner child. All of us need some quality time, leaving our troubles behind. Even just for a moment. Or for a whole day, cut yourself some slack!

Image by Cindy Fonvig

Want to play a game? Then let’s head to Copenhagen’s Guldberg Byplads – a modern urban space which functions as a town square and, most importantly, as a public playground for… adults. A main focus of the playground is the sculpture called the White Tube. Of course, it is really popular amongst children, but if you were to search for more photos of this sculpture, you will see a great amount of super-excited adults climbing the White Tube. Furthermore, our local Cindy says that “a little further down the street, you will find a 20 meter high and very steep tube slide.” She didn’t have enough courage to slide down the pipe, but maybe you will be brave enough to challenge yourself?

Image by Athens Clue

Are you ready to solve the mystery? Then let’s follow our Spotter Andreas to Athens Clue. Here you will find different escape rooms that will help you to test your skills, logic and patience. Athens Clue gives a clear explanation what to expect from each escape room: “Enter a world of mystery and try to escape from imaginative scenarios. Each room is designed to immerse you into a story that will captivate you. Unlock all the secrets, race against the clock and secure your place among the victors.” There are many rooms to choose from, each of them have different levels of difficulty and time span (usually from 60 to 70 minutes). Pandemic, Taken (which, as Andreas said, was made especially for Greece while the other scenarios are popular abroad), Monster... It’s up to you which one you will choose, but we can assure: you will definitely get a proper rush of adrenaline and tension, so be ready...

Image by Bogdan Spasojebic

The Science Park in Belgrade is one of those unconventional and undiscovered spots that tourists will hardly find. Our local Bogdan honestly recommends to visit this place since he never misses it when he comes to Ada lake. At the Science Park you can experience the science by yourself while playing in the park where you can find an interestingly constructed playground. Bogdan says that “I find this place very entertaining, you will see simple stuff like a sun clock and a jungle gym shaped like DNA and all the way up to the stuff I can’t even explain.“ So, if you want to experience some scientific stuff by yourself, just spend some quality time at The Science Park in Belgrade. We know that deep deep inside you have the spirit of a crazy scientist!

Image by Gill Davies

If you have just visited the People’s Palace museum in Glasgow Green, don’t forget that just behind it you can find an awesome park called Green Play Park. We are pretty sure that when you will see it, you will start to scream enthusiastically or at least your heart will start beating two times faster. This park is insane! Here you can find basically everything that suppose to be in a really exciting playground: climb frames, slides, chutes... Just have fun! And REMEMBER that you are the actual adult, so be careful with children that comes to play here as well! By the way, our local Gill suggests to bring some drinks and snacks with you since there are no proper food stores around.

Image by Image taken by Denise Tench

Let’s head to the heart of Manchester, to the students’ district called Fallowfield, where you will find a proper urban adult playground which is intended to students’ and adults’ needs. It’s called Platt Fields and it provides various activities. Our Spotter Denise clearly explains how different this park can actually get every month: ”Every Saturday morning from 09:00 it’s home to the free 5 km circuit Parkrun, on 30th and 31st July this year it will host the city’s Mega Mela Festival and the autumn brings its well-attended bonfire and fireworks display.” However, those events are annual, so what you will find at Platt Fields if you go there during an ordinary day? Well, the park contains basketball courts, a hectic skatepark, Shakespearean garden and even eco garden! Who said that playground only has to consist of slides and climbing ropes? Platt Fields know what adult needs!

Image by Andrea Chirulescu

Let’s get back inside for a while! Have you ever heard about Megazone in Oslo? No? Then listen carefully. It’s a spot where you can enjoy different activities: paintball, lasergames, rodeo (!), obstacle race and even sumo or gladiator fight. Seems like every adult’s dream playground at its best! So, if you want to experience all those back-to-childhood moments and try all of aforesaid activities, it will probably take half of your day, or even more! Our local Andrea gathered together all of her friends and they had some super hilarious time at Megazone. So, if you have more than enough time while staying in Oslo, don’t hesitate and have some fun, totally worth it!

Image by Jose van der Plaat

Let’s play some old-school Pinball! If you are visiting Rotterdam, don’t be too lazy and just drop by The Dutch Pinball Museum. I think we are allowed to call it the Pinball Playground of the year. Why? Because this amazing museum is stuffed with more than 60 pinball machines. Some of those time-machines came from year 1900. Unbelievable, isn’t it? You will have to pay the entrance fee of 10 euros and 3 hours amongst those amazing pinball machines are yours! Our Spotter José is a huge fan of this place, so he especially recommends the ‘Lord of the Rings’ machine. Of course, you can always choose multi-player games if you came with your buddies. By the way, not far away from the Pinball Museum you can find lots of awesome food/coffee spots such as Fenix Food Factory, POSSE and Kopi Soesoe.

Image by Tim Steins

If you decided to visit Cologne, we hope you won’t stick to your beer-and-breweries-everywhere plan. We know it’s a great challenge to do more than drinking nicely cold German beer and doing nothing, but come on, you need to move at least a little! So, let’s head to Hohenzollernbrücke (which is on the right bank of the Rhine), where you will find this perfect climbing wall which was set up a few years ago. BUT before comming here, don’t forget to register online and make sure you are familiar with the rules (it’s a MUST, for your own safety!). It’s an unusual activity, but you always can try, maybe you will find it super exciting! If you feel that it’s not your piece of cake, you can always go to Rheinpark, relax and enjoy a perfect view of Cologne.

Image by Noesis

We still haven’t finish our list, so it’s time to head to the east side of Thessaloniki, Thermi, where you will find Noesis. It is an amazing complex of science and technology which contains Planetarium and Cosmotheater, where you can watch scientific movies, The Technopark where visitor has the opportunity to discover scientific knowledge and have fun and so on, and so on... Noesis has a lot stuff to offer if you are interested in science and technology, but they give all the information and explanation in an entertaining way, so you definitely will have some great fun. Science can be your playground too, just keep your mind open!

Image by Simo Stefanov

And once again, the escape room. But you love them, don’t you? Our local Simo want to take you to Offline which is located in Sofia. The conception is similar to Athens Clue: you have to solve the mystery depending on difficulty level. You have to build up the team (with a maximum of six people per room) and all together you will have to do you best to succeed. Offline’s website clearly explains how everything works: “The goal of the game is to find the exit by completing a series of challenges, word games and puzzles. You must find clues, inspect every detail and uncover all mysteries to escape from the room.” Also, Simo honestly recommends to choose the highest level and just push yourself to the limits. By the way, 64 percent of people solved their task successfully. One to be one of them? Then accept as the challenges that Offline is giving to you, it’s going to be fun!

So, maybe you have your favorite spot that should be mentioned on this list? Don’t keep it to yourself, let us know about it in the comment section, we will definitely keep that in mind for the next time!

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