10 Best Practices for Tweeting in 2014

There are no hard rules on how to tweet, but there are certainly best practices -- and I intend to showcase 10 people and organizations you should emulate on the social networking site.
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It seems that everyone is either on Twitter or knows someone on it, but how many people tweet correctly? Before you comment below, there are no hard rules on how to tweet, but there are certainly best practices -- and I intend to showcase 10 people and organizations you should emulate on the social networking site.

1. Share timely news

If you want to be retweeted, then you need to be trendy. In the below example, NBC's Olympics account shared a real-time picture of U.S. Ski Team member Mikaela Shiffrin from the Sochi games. Had they waited hours (or even minutes), they'd be scooped by other media organizations or bystanders and their tweet would no longer have relevance.

2. Share useful information

The newly-elected Mayor of Boston told residents and tourists how to report potholes. Notice the clever hashtag so people could search and share each other's findings.

3. Tell followers what to do

It doesn't matter if you're a TV talk show host or a plumbing supply company. If people are following you (or even if they're not as they might find you from keyword searches), you need to tell people whether they should click a link or watch a video. Don't assume people will click a link. Always include a verb as Jay wrote in his fourth word.

4. Remember that pictures speak 1,000 words

The next time you scroll through a list of tweets, take note how many attach pictures or videos. Rich media is important if you want people to spend more time on your (or another's) content. Pictures and video carry more influence than simple text or links.

5. Share your passion

Britney could easily step away from Twitter and have her handlers tweet links to videos and pictures. The moment she (or her handlers) inject personality into a tweet, she proves that she's not only a slave 4 u, but she is with you too because she knows how to make you smile.

6. Be strategic with hashtags

B2B companies are among the best users of hashtags and Dow Chemical tops my short list. The hashtags are strategically placed and written. Sometimes they capitalize words when italics can't be used. The hashtag is your friend but don't overdo it.

7. Retweet others who tweet about you

The Governor of Hawaii tweets -- and retweets his constituents. You shouldn't retweet everyone who mentions you, but when you do it now and then you show that personality that Britney showed. You portray humanity, gratitude and transparency.

8. Thank your customers and fans

Be humble. Regardless how many follow you, never forget that you started with zero followers and you should always strive to thank those who helped you get to where you are. Dig into your followers and randomly thank people, but also single out those assisting your efforts today.

9. Go behind the scenes

Chances are it is tough to take a close-up picture of a military radar tower. Because Raytheon built it and that they understand the power of social media, they captured and shared it. The picture speaks 1,000 words; the tweet conveys description; and the attached link explains their involvement.

10. Enable us relate to you

Leave it to a Twitter employee to conclude these 10 examples of Twitter best practices. Every word is strategically placed. The ending hashtag tells me other spouses will relate; and you almost wish the story would continue. Tweet her and it might.

Do you have favorite tweets to add?

What other examples of Twitter posts aren't included in this list? Share with me and other readers below.

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