10 Best Signs/Slogans post Charlottesville

Protests against the violence in Charlottesville took place across the U.S. on 8/13. Here are a few slogans/signs from Washington, DC, Chicago, and New York: Powerful Signs from Charlottesville Protests Across the U.S.:

Love to Charlottesville.

White silence is violence.

No! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America.

Virginia is for lovers not haters.

Resist White Nationalist Terrorism.

Smash White Supremacy.

Her name is Heather Heyer and she died protesting bigotry.

Silence Compliance.

Rise and resist against white supremacy.

End racism now.

Only 1 side love.

If u r not outraged u r not paying attention.

Hate has no home here love will win.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, blessings.

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