10 Best Websites on Lie Detection and Nonverbal Behavior

As the lead behavioral investigator at the Science of People, I love writing and researching human lie detection, nonverbal communication and human behavior, but I also have an amazing community of fellow authors and writers with my passion and I wanted to give them a shout out. Here are my favorite authors and blogs on human lie detection and nonverbal behavior:


Joe Navarro is a human behavior expert who spent twenty-five years in the FBI catching the lies of some of the nation's most dangerous criminals. On his website, he shares many of the lessons he learned in the field to recognize and deal with difficult people.

To get his best, most in-depth insights, check out his book What Every BODY Is Saying. It offers a great overview of nonverbal communication and the body and teaches you tons of strategies you can use to pick up on the hidden messages people's body language reveal.

The writer of Eyes for Lies, Renee is a professional deception and credibility expert. She is known for teaching law enforcement how to read body language and spot the lies of criminals. Her track record for lie detection is particularly impressive-she has proven that she can detect lies with 95% accuracy.

Renee has a fantastic blog where she shares valuable insights on lie detection, human behavior, emotional intelligence and other strategies you can use to understand people and identify liars in law and everyday life.

Pamela Meyer is the author of the brilliant book, Liespotting that teaches science-backed strategies to detect deception. On her blog, she shares some of her insights from the book and offers her expert opinion on liars who find themselves at the center of news stories.

She also has podcasts and videos on her website, which are full of helpful insights.

Paul Ekman is a world-renown psychologist whose groundbreaking research on facial expressions set the foundation for our modern-day understanding of nonverbal behavior and lie detection.

His studies and books are delve into the science deception and body language-no light reading found here! Ekman's resources are perfect if you want to gain a deep understanding of how to read people.

You can also see his blog about the TV Show Lie to Me where he talks about the real science in each episode.

Our blog takes some of the best research on human lie detection, nonverbal communication and human behavior from around the world and puts it into easy to understand articles and videos for our readers. We also offer a free email course that explains Paul Ekman's seven microexpressions and how to read the face that will give you a deeper understanding of how faces reveal people's hidden emotions.

Learning how to detect deception when you're speaking to people is important but what about when you're just browsing online? Scambusters unveils internet fraud scandals so you know what sites to avoid and what stories you shouldn't believe. It also teaches you strategies to spot lies in the content you read online so you have the skills to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft and other scams from internet liars.

While a lot of the websites in this list focus on detecting lies through people's nonverbal behavior, this one focuses on the words people say. In his blog, former interview trainer at the U.S. Marshals Academy, Mark McClish teaches people how to catch lies solely by analyzing what people say.

His informative website about lying is a great resource if you frequently communicate via email and phone calls and want to make sure you're having honest conversations. He also posts informative videos and examples of how to do statement analysis using popular new stories.

Kevin Hogan is a body language expert and has many articles (as well as workshops) on nonverbal behavior and communication. Whether you're looking to become less susceptible to the influence of others, improve your nonverbal communication, or become a more effective communicator, Hogan has articles and books that can help you.

This is a blog written by a team of PhD scholars and security consultants who are committed to sharing the truth about deception. Their website is loaded with articles that cover nearly every angle of lying in relationships from why people lie to begin with to recognizing and understanding extreme cases such as compulsive liars. And, if you find that you're dealing with a deceptive partner, they offer resources that help you recover and rebuild trust.

This one is just for fun, but Jimmy Kimmel has some hysterical videos where he pretends to be a human lie detector with little kids.