The 10 Biggest Lies TV Told Us

The 10 Biggest Lies TV Told Us

If only life were like our favorite TV shows. As much as we love them, they sure set us up with some false expectations.

1. Adolescents will have "inconspicuous" ladders leading to their second floor bedrooms and their parents will remain blissfully ignorant.

clarissa sam

2. People at your high school will look like this.

tim riggins lila garrity

3. You can eat pizza for breakfast, Oreos for lunch and Chinese food for dinner and maintain your girlish figure.

gilmore girls

4. In college, you will live in a palace ... at least by normal dorm room standards.

felicity dorm room

5. You will have a new love interest pretty much once a week.

lena dunham girls

6. 9-5 jobs aren't really a thing. You will spend the majority of your 20-something hours at a coffee shop with a guy named Gunther.

friends central perk

7. No one locks their doors.

8. Broken engagements are as frequent as commercial breaks.

the mindy project

9. Your weekly sex column salary will allot you the funds for a huge Manhattan apartment complete with a walk-in closet and many pairs of Manolo Blahniks.

carrie bradshaws apartment

10. Paper can be sexy.

jim and pam

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