10 Bloggers Who Make Aging A Whole Lot Easier

Cut through the confusion and information overload.
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Can we all agree that living in the Information Age means we are in a constant state of information overload? With a wealth of knowledge -- and misinformation -- available with just a few keystrokes, the inevitable confused state is understandable. Here are a few people who really do make aging easier.

1. Help With Aging

Bob Rosenblatt, who blogs at Help With Aging, provides expert reporting on the finances of aging. We affectionately call him Mr. Medicare, but his knowledge goes far beyond that. Rosenblatt is a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times who started that paper’s first beat on aging and launched a popular advice column on Medicare and health insurance.

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2. Rodney Brooks

Brooks is the Washington Post's Retirement columnist and author of Is One Million Dollars Enough? For those scratching their heads over the title, it's boomer-speak for "How much do I need before I can retire?" Brooks is a long-time D.C.-based financial journalist and when he speaks, smart people listen.

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3. Retirement Journeys

This blog by a husband-and-wife team discusses retirement from a holistic approach. They cover the financial, but also the emotional aspects of the retirement years.

Retirement Journeys

4. Grown and Flown

Where empty nesters go to cry. Yes that, but much much more.

Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Endlich Heffernan are co-founders of Grown and Flown: Parenting Never Ends. They have five children between them and have created the space for parents squaring off with empty nest syndrome. Their most popular posts, such as “Kids Going to College: Getting Your Heart and Head Ready,” regularly receive more than 100,000 views. “When kids leave home, you lose the community of parents that shared your interests,” Ms. Heffernan told The New York Times. “Through social media, you can find a new community.”


5. Can I Retire Yet?

This question is the retirement equivalent of when the kids in the backseat used to ask "Are we there yet?" on the family road trip. Blog founder Darrow Kirkpatrick began serious saving and investing in his mid-30s, and was able to retire at age 50. He says he did it the old-fashioned way: by hard work, frugality, prudent investing, and patience. Kirkpatrick is an adventurous soul with a passion for life. He and his wife spend between $2,500 to $4,500 a month (no mortgage or rent). They travel inexpensively in a 20-foot RV. As he puts it, "this isn’t a reality show about my daily life." He posts about saving, investing, and retiring, using examples from his experience where helpful.

Darrow Kirkpatrick

6. Top Retirement Places

One of the most popular daydreaming past-times among those about to retire is envisioning themselves living in a different place. It's why those "best places to retire" lists are so popular. Most retirees wind up staying put, of course, or follow their adult children to be nearer grandbabies. But for fantasy hour, this site is pretty cool.


7. Sixty & Me

Margaret Manning runs this global community of 100,000 women over 60 as they navigate living healthier, independent and financially secure lives.


8. Coming of Age

Adele Herin was the social issues reporter for the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald for 18 years. Now, in Coming of Age, she explores how her generation is meeting the challenge of getting older. She's not afraid to tackle the tough ones: suicide among older men, caring for a parent who never cared for you, the mistake of retiring too soon.

Adele Horin

9. Robin In Your Face

Robin Korth dishes out frank talk about the aging process, no holds barred, but all done so beautifully. We definitely would like a daily dose of Robin.

Robin Korth

10. Grey Fox

David Evans is one dapper dude. And he is among the few bloggers who writes about style for older men. While he comes from a background in law and education, he's making a name for himself with mature men who want to look fashionable.

Courtesy of Grey Fox

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