10 Books That Taught Me Reading Books is Bullsh*t

Reading isn't fun. Not even in books.

Think about it: how many works of fiction can you name that feature a character sitting around reading the whole time? Not many (unless you're in a college literature class with a super-Postmodern syllabus). If all books were purely about another book, the world would keep making the same book over and over. How boring!

Good books aren't about books! Good books are about living twisted lives and betrayal and everything Snooki did up until now. Books about books are lame (Except my book that makes fun of all other books: How Not to Read: Harnessing the Power of a Literature-Free Life. That's a good book.)

Life isn't about sitting around reading! Neither is fiction for that matter! Both are about going out into the world, failing at most things, then wallowing in despair or writing a lightly-veiled memoir about how hard you failed.

I've given up on reading. Not because I found something necessarily better to do (I did though, it's called Breaking Bad), but because I've discovered through reading that reading is bullshit.

Here are 10 books that showed me I should stop reading:

Books You Shouldn't Read