10 'Bridget Jones' Moments Every Single Girl Has Had

1. Chatting away to a good looking stranger who hasn’t said a word in over a minute

Burying yourself alive inside the hole you’re digging for yourself.

2. Received pressure from your olds about “still” being single

Quit it, Mother. I like being single...

3. Sung a power ballad to yourself whilst getting drunk on cheap wine

Your neighbors think you have a pet banshee.

4. Fallen for a guy one week, got screwed over by him the next

Ah well, at least the sex was good, even if your self-confidence has left the building.

5. Turned up hopelessly underdressed to a party

Getting groped by your pervert ‘Uncle’ optional.

6. Eaten nothing but ice cream for days solid

Ice cream is a food group, right?

7. Had two guys fight in the street over you

Just kidding...

8. Applied your makeup in the back of a cab, got out looking like a clown

Clowns are pretty.

9. Been caught out with embarrassing underwear on

Sexy-time has been known to be abruptly interrupted by the presence of granny pants.

10. Fallen for the man you once hated

First impressions can be deceptive ― we’ll blame it on the vodka.

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