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10 Bullshit Excuses Made By Entrepreneurs Who Resist Success

If you do believe in choice, and you know that you get to choose, you have to also accept that you have already chosen. And the outcome you have now is precisely the one you asked for.
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A funny thing about success, and wealth creation, is that the majority of people don't actually want it. Sure, they say they do and maybe even think they do, but at the end of the day?

You've got exactly what you want.

And you can jump up and down all you like and insist that you do want something different, you're creating it already, in fact! But if you don't in fact have it then you don't in fact want it.

There really is no way around it, is there? At least not if you in any way believe that you create the reality you live in. If you don't believe that then this post isn't for you anyway

But if you do believe in choice, and you know that you get to choose, you have to also accept that you have already chosen. And the outcome you have now is precisely the one you asked for.

If that just doesn't sit right with you and you truly can't understand why you can't attract the money, success and flow you desire, then this is the post for you. See which ones gel with you

10 Bullshit Excuses Made By Entrepreneurs Who Resist Success

1. I need to focus on savings right now.

So you think that the five percent odd return you might expect on your savings is going to be a better bet than the return you could create with your business. Which is a fancy way of saying you don't believe in yourself and your ability to create the results you say you want.

Solution: choose to believe in yourself, or give up now.

2. I'm already in debt.

Yeah, and? Richard Branson was over 400 million in debt before his business became profitable! Entrepreneurs who know that their success is inevitable may not like going further and further into debt as they wait for their breakthrough, and it certainly will still be stressful, but they have the tenacity to keep on going because they see their future and refuse to quit on it. Prioritizing debt issues before creating your dreams is akin to saying you believe there is limited money and abundance available and that you therefore can't afford to further "risk" your financial security.

Solution: Do you actually believe what you say you believe, about your ability to succeed and the truth that money is as unlimited as oxygen? If so, then the question is never what CAN you afford, but rather what can you not afford to take action on.

3. I don't want to put my family in that position - it's one thing for me to struggle, but I'm not going to ask my family to go without!

So you don't believe that, should you actually take that freaking leap of faith and commit, you'll succeed? Because if you did believe that you are going to make it happen come what may then you'd realize that by not taking that leap of faith and investing the money, time, energy, emotion you ARE therefore choosing struggle for yourself and your family.

And not just for a period of time, but for life!

Solution: You can struggle now for a period of time (if by struggle you mean take the risk necessary to create your dream life and therefore ultimately prevail because you refuse NOT to), or you can choose struggle for life.

Up to you.

4. I don't know exactly what I want yet.

Do you want what you've got right now, and nothing more? OK then.

Solution: whatever, whoever, however you've been is what has led you to where you are now. If you want something different, even if you don't yet know what it is, then choose something different. Nobody said every choice has to be one you stick with. You'll find your way when you actively embark upon A way. If you never try anything, never have a crack, never take a first step somewhere then the very obvious outcome will be that you stay where you are now!

5. I have no idea how to make my goals happen.

So you're saying that if you sit and wait for long enough, you'll perhaps receive a divine message outlining precisely what you need to do to fulfil your wildest fantasies? Or perhaps you'll one day (finally!) happen upon the mentor or course who will just tell you the secret! Or maybe, through the powers of manifestation and avid wishful thinking, you'll be able to circumnavigate doing what every other successful person ever has had to do and actually taking action to achieve your dreams.

I don't know, could be just me, but I'm not so sure that approach is going to pay off. All you have to do is ask yourself how it's working out for you SO far?

Solution: take action, even when you don't know how. Take action, even when you don't know how. Take action, even when you don't know how.

6. I need to think about it.


The group for people who never make it is over that way.

7. I need to speak with my partner (friend / family / spiritual guide) about it.


a) You don't really believe you're going to make it.

b) You don't really believe you're going to make it.

If you did believe 100 percent that taking that 'scary' or 'risky' action was going to result in absolute success for you, then would you have the slightest freaking interest in whether or not someone else thought it might be a good idea.

Oh, and newsflash -- if you have even a little bit of doubt, then they will pick up on it and will tell you all the logical reasons why it's not a good idea! Even if you do wholeheartedly believe they'll likely still helpfully tell you why you're wrong, should you ask!

Solution: Either you believe, or you don't believe. And either you take action, or you don't. Which means that either you get the result you want, or you don't. Which means that either you really want it --

Or you don't.

You want it. Make it happen, no excuses.

8. I've tried everything.

Have you tried to keep on going even when you think you've tried everything?

Ad infinitum?

Then you haven't tried everything.

9. I have (insert random life shit) to deal with right now.

No problem, do whatever you've got to do.

Understand that it's complete BS that you can't take action regardless of whatever sh*t is going on in your life.

Don't get me wrong, it's entirely your right to choose. But have the damn honesty to admit you just don't want to take action now (which, one could suggest, implies you therefore don't believe you can create that result or else why the heck wouldn't you want it sooner rather than later, as no doubt it would be of benefit despite the life shit) rather than saying that you can't because of X.

Solution: You can do whatever the hell you please.

Do it consciously.

10. I am doing everything I can already!

Cool, so you're happy with where you are now then?

Solution: if you think you're doing everything you can, and you refuse to do something different, then you are happy with where you are now.

So sit back and enjoy.

Or do something different!

Long story short -

You get what you choose.

You have what you chose.

And your future is your now.

So next time you find yourself using practicality, or logic, or being realistic (ugh! hate that word!) then take a good hard look in the mirror.

And grow the fuck up.

You get one life to live baby. Make it the one you say that you want.

Remember -

Life is Now. Press Play.

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