10 Celebs That Actually Run Their Own Twitter Account

Amanda Bynes and Patton Oswalt are a few of the uncensored Twittering celebs that have famously caused chaos in 140 characters. Typically, celebs hire ghost Twitterers to avoid unnecessary press and maintain their brand. So, which celebs write their own tweets nowadays?
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Amanda Bynes and Patton Oswalt are a few of the uncensored Twittering celebs that have famously caused chaos in 140 characters. Typically, celebs hire ghost Twitterers to avoid unnecessary press, maintain their brand, and keep to their busy schedules. Kanye, Guy Kawasaki, Britney Spears, Obama, 50 Cent, Hugh Jackman and even Ashton Kutcher have given their verified Twitter accounts over to the hands of PR management. So, which celebs write their own tweets nowadays?

1. Katy Perry @katyperry

With nearly 50 million followers, Katy Perry is authentic and unique in her tweets. As mentioned in her recent interview on Ellen, Katy enjoys sharing her life and the occasional cat video over album-promoting tweets. Insisting on being the voice behind her account, Katy Perry has a genuine relationship with her fans.

2. Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

Ellen's bio says it all: "My tweets are real, and they're spectacular." Humble and hilarious, Ellen DeGeneres is no doubt the brains behind her tweets. They carry a wit that is uniquely Ellen, and will guarantee to have you laughing.

3. Jimmy Fallon @jimmyfallon

Twitter is constantly a topic of discussion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Known for reading tweets from invented hashtags like #MyWeirdWaiter and #AwkwardDate, Jimmy Fallon continues to write original knee-slapping tweets even off-stage -- a true entertainer.

4. Khloe Kardashian @khloekardashian

Famous for being a reality TV star, Khloe keeps it real on her Twitter account. Shamelessly self-promoting, supporting her family, and addressing her own personal drama, Khloe doesn't shy away from being honest and authentic. Keeping it up and keeping it real!

5. Shaquille O'Neal @SHAQ

Shaq has stated, "If I am going to speak, it will come from me," and he has kept his word. He appreciates being able to converse directly with his fans un-curated and uncensored. Tweets in all capital letters ensures a lively and truly insightful newsfeed for his followers to enjoy.

6. Sofia Vergara @SofiaVergara

Sofia Vergara, the vivacious Colombian actress in ABC's sitcom Modern Family, tweets with a similar fiery charm. Writing in both English and Spanish, her account is not foreign to the exclamation point. She is excited about everything!!! And, isn't afraid to express it.

7. Steve Martin @SteveMartinToGo

Funny man, Steve Martin, is a daily tweeter of quippy one-liners. This proud Oscar winner jokingly announces in his bio: "Oh, and a new CD with Edie Bricknell is out now. Not on tour currently." Known for comedy films like The Jerk and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Steve Martin keeps the laughs rolling on his genuinely original Twitter feed.

Next week, live tweeting my DVR'd Grammy tape.

— Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) January 27, 2014

8. Lance Armstrong @lancearmstrong

Lance Armstrong, the former professional cyclist, addresses his controversial past indirectly on Twitter stating: "Imperfect guy in an imperfect world." Although controversy is closely associated to his name, so is his terrific charity work with the Livestrong Foundation. Armstrong's tweets focus on supporting cancer patients and their families, retweeting followers's stories and raising funds for the cause.

9. Rainn Wilson @rainnwilson

Best known as The Office's Dwight Schrute, Rainn Wilson is also the co-creator of SoulPancake.com. SoulPancake is a site dedicated to discussing ideas, asking life's big questions, and making stuff that matters. Wilson ensures his tweets are as authentic as his SoulPancake's mission.

10. Cher @cher

This 67-year-old performing legend is no stranger to social media. She is a fan of Internet abbreviations and tweeting in all caps. In true Cher fashion, she speaks her mind and speaks it loudly. Twitter is just another platform for Cher to share her opinions with the world.

Most times, celebrities don't have the time to manage their own Twitter accounts. But, in the rare case that a PR team isn't tweeting, a more genuine celebrity-fan relationship occurs. And, who doesn't love an honest, uncensored celeb?

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