16 Chants/Signs Seen at NC's LGBT Law Rallies

Folks rallied in Raleigh, North Carolina to defend and oppose a law (HB2) which limits protections for the LGBT community. Here are 16 chants/signs from both sides:

1. "No Men in Women's Bathrooms."

2. "Bigotry is Bad for Business."

3. "They are up here preaching hate! They do not represent our state!"

4. "My birth certificate belongs in a safe-deposit box. NOT ON MY PERSON!"

5. "Y'all means all."

6. "Keep Women Safe."

7. "We Stand With God."

8. "It's Common Sense, Men Do Not Belong in Women's Bathrooms."

9. "Men are males men use the mensroom. Women are females women use the womensroom."

10. "No H8 in my St8"

11. "4 combat tours and my toughest fights have been for equal rights."

12. "#We are not this! Repeal HB2!"

13. "Trans ≠ scapegoat."

14. " HB2: "Rebranding" North Carolina as a State of Hate."

15. "Who will be the bathroom gender checker? Repeal HB2!"

16. "Let us pee!"

Peace, love, compassion, and blessings.