The 10 Cities That Shop Most Online:

Internet commerce has become a part of American life, and some cities have become particularly involved in shopping online, according to personal finance and business site

Internet sales increased 12.6 percent last year, comparison to 2009, and that growth is expected to continue at an annual rate of 10 percent for the next half decade, according to Forrester Research. So decided to figure out which cities are craziest about online shopping, looking at the 65 largest cities in the United States and examining online ordering trends from 30 of the top online retailers, including and

The site also took into account the city's proximity to major e-retailer distribution centers, the level of sales tax rates and the percentage of the population with internet access.'s findings, seen in this infographic, show high internet usage rates and multiple distribution centers have varying effects on the popularity of online shopping in cities. The people of Miami, for example, make five times more online transactions than the national average, despite having lower internet usage and fewer distribution centers than some other cities.

Sales tax rates seemed to have little bearing on the popularity of online shipping, with Minnesota and California, two states with some of the highest tax rates, home to three of the ten cities that shop most online -- Minneapolis, St. Paul and San Francisco.

The whole issue surrounding sales taxes remains a controversial issue in online shopping, however. Previously no tax was added to transactions with customers who live in states where the retailer doesn't have a physical presence. That could soon change, according to the Associated Press.

Below are the ten states that shop the most online according to

10 Cities Who Shop The Most Online