The 10 Commandments Of Proper College Cafeteria Etiquette

Anyone who's ever set foot in a college cafeteria knows how annoying it is to slip on spilled soda no one's bothered to clean up. If only there were some basic rules for proper dining hall etiquette! Oh, wait, there are.

Brad Green, food service general manager at Kentucky Christian University, outlines the "10 Commandments Of The Cafeteria" in a video posted to YouTube on Nov. 22. His rules range from "Thou shalt clean up after thyself" to "Thine eyes shalt not be bigger than thy stomach." Words to live by.

Created by KCU alum Bryan Starr, the sketch was inspired by his 2009 video "10 Commandments Of The Chapel," which lays down the law for conducting oneself in a house of worship. (Rule #1: No texting allowed!)

So check out the new video (above), then do as commanded. It'll make the dining hall experience better for everyone.

H/T Reddit



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