10 Common Phrases To Learn Before You Visit Japan

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Japan (called as Nippon in Japanese) is an island country that is located in the East Asia. As the concept of traveling and tourism has increased in the past few years, it has been usually observed that individuals travel to different exotic places in the world including Japan in order to get a taste of the rich culture. However, if you’re planning to make your next trip to Japan, so wouldn’t you want to know some of the common phrases that are used in Japan and impress the locals? Here is a list of 10 common phrases used in Japan:

1. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu - Help me

Stuck in trouble while in Japan? Use this phrase as ‘yoroshiku’ and any Japanese will help you regardless of the situation you are stuck in. It works like magic!

2. Yōkoso - Welcome

The literal meaning of this word is ‘welcome’. So, the next time you want to greet someone in Japan; use this phrase to greet them warmly.

3. Ganbarimasu - I am going for it

It means that I am going for it or the individual is going to pursue the plan that he has set up for himself initially. People generally use this phrase before interviews, project results etc.

4. Hajimemashite - I am pleased to meet you

Are you pleased to meet someone in Japan or a Japanese for that matter? Do you want to let them know? Then use this phrase and express how glad you are to meet them. You will surely get a similar response as Japanese people are very loving and warm.

5. Hontoni Oishii-desu - It’s delicious

This phrase will be of great help if you are a big time foodie! If you like some cuisine or any kind of delicacy in Japan and you want to compliment it then feel free to express your liking for it. The literal meaning of this phrase is ‘it’s delicious’! Quite a useful one, isn’t it?

6. Ohayōgozaimasu - Good morning

Wish someone a good morning with a warm smile. It is healthy to smile; furthermore, this phrase is very common in Japan so you will definitely encounter people saying this to you often. Now that you know what it means, feel free to greet them back!

7. Yoiichinichiwo - Have a nice day

Japanese wish each other in a particular way. They use this phrase to wish each other to have a nice day which means they wish them health and wellness.

8. Shusshin was dochiradesu ka? - Where are you from?

If you are new in Japan and someone wants to ask you that where you are from then it is highly likely that they will use this phrase. Hence, in order to understand what they are saying, you should know this term beforehand.

9. Hisashiburi - Long time no see

Meeting a friend after ages? How about you greet them by letting them know that you haven’t seen them in ages? It’s a good way to bond and catch up on the old memories.

10. Ganbatte - Good Luck

Wish an individual good luck by using this phrase. It’s common, and it’ll help the individual in raising his spirits.

Now that you are equipped with some common phrases, it’s time to hit the streets in Japan and explore this little heaven on Earth!

-Sania is a writer at Sewing Machines Guru