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7 Cool and Creative Ways to Wear Pearls

Don't hesitate roping pearls together. In fact, some outfits need that extra pizzazz to make a sassy fashion statement.
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"He who would search for pearls must dive below." John Dryden

Fortunately, when it comes to wearing pearls, the most elegant of fashion accessories that brings out the class and grace in everyone, one doesn't have to break the bank. From business casual to attending a cocktail dinner, there are so many ways to accessorize pearls beyond just traditionally wearing them as a necklace, which is also classy.

Pearls have always been classy, but they are making a big comeback with some of the bigger celebrities such as America's First Lady, Michelle Obama who has been seen accessorizing her outfits with double stranded pearl necklaces, and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you're one of those people who are enfatuated by pearls, but don't want to wear them in the same traditional way, read on for some cool and creative ideas how to wear, accessorize and stylize them.

1. Wear several strands of pearls together

Don't hesitate roping pearls together. In fact, some outfits need that extra pizzazz to make a sassy fashion statement. Don't worry about coifing the perfect look by having just even strands. The more uneven the strands, the sassier the look.

2. Accentuate your hair with pearls

Put a wire across a pearl and entwine it around a bobby pin, which makes a great hair accessory. You can also thread the wire into pearl beads, which you can get at hobby and gift shops.

3. Accentuate a pair of shades

Using power glue, take an old pair of shades and glue pearls of various sizes around the frame. You have absolutely no idea how cool this looks. Who might even start a fashion trend.

4. Transform a blab shirt collar to fab

On a plain white shirt, glue a bunch of pearls unto the collar. Not only will this dress up the shirt, it will also act as an accessory without having to wear a necklace.

5. Sizzle a dress with pearls

A dress can be pearly white, but how about a pearly dress? Spruce up any dress by gluing or sewing pearls around the border, along the neckline or just scatter them throughout the fabric. Better to use somewhat darker colors so highlight the color of the pearls.

6. Accentuate your wedding day with bridal jewelry

Wearing pearls on one's wedding day is just about as classy as you can get. Deciding upon the detail of that big day is just as important as knowing how to wear pearls as wedding jewelry which makes for a stunning and memorable look.

7. Jazz up your clutch

Why not take a boring clutch that hardly gets used and glue various pearls around it. Such a clutch will complement just about any outfit.

So there you have it - seven cool and creative ways to take a beloved fashion accessory that will turn heads and transform your wardrobe. Happy styling!

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