10 Craigslist Look-Alikes That Might Go Big

When one thinks of selling an item without listing fees or buying an item for as low cost as possible, Craigslist is possibly the number one go-to spot since 1995. As popular as they are, there are a few flaws that have other sites creeping up slowly behind them. Here are 10 craigslist look-alikes that might go big.

1. EBay's Close5

Close5 is eBay's classified forum that takes mobile classifieds to a new level. It does require downloading an app and registration. However, all your details are kept private from other users. It's an easy way to save items when you are browsing and on the go to view at a later time.

This platform is easy to use as you simply snap your photo and load it up. Then post your description and price. It's targeted for local shopping experiences. Close5 is quickly becoming a major competitor of Craigslist with over 7 million downloads.

2. Kijiji

Kijiji was once a large Canadian classified site, however, it's a growing popularity in the United States as well. This free site does have a great flow, making it easy to navigate. Besides being able to list just about anything such as cars, toys, clothing, and homes, you can even make your ad stand out by uploading videos. As we know, picture advertising is already a big ticket, giving buyers more detail. But adding video gives greater authenticity of the listing before they make that big purchase.

3. EPage

EPage has a lot of visual similarities of Craigslist. But what makes this online classified forum stand out is that there is a number of foreclosure listings available. This is quickly becoming an important site for those that flip homes or first time homeowners who want to browse without the pressure of a realtor.

4. Encuentra24.com

And speaking of real estate offerings, Encuentra24.com came about in 2005 when those looking to buy, rent, or sell on their own had no place to turn. So this South American based classified site soon took flight. Today, they've expanded to classifieds such as home and garden, beauty, lifestyle, cars, educational courses, seminars, and jobs.

5. Locanto

Locanto is a simple site that allows for your ad's to remain posted for 60 days. You're also able to use HTML code and pictures. Categories vary from community, personals, real estate, pets, and jobs.

6. Backpage

Known for their services section and buy, sell, and trade sections, Backpage is another growing site. It does have a nice filter to help with your browsing experience. It's a free site to use and many feel it's less cluttered with spam than Craigslist.

7. Sell It Easy

Have you ever posted something on Craigslist and ended with "must get rid of by the end of the week"? Well, Sell It Easy is a hassle free way to post and get rid of your unwanted items fast. You simply upload the photo to the mobile app and a description. This is a concierge service that will quote you for the item and send you a prepaid shipping label. If it doesn't sell, you can have it returned or lower the price. Sell It Easy is a great way to unload unwanted items quickly.

8. Oodle

Oodle mixes in social media to online classified ads. They bring in other classified ads in their online ad space such as from Facebook Marketplace and eBay. Besides just classifieds, they do have personals and services sections. Oodle also has their own mobile app. With their technologies, they are definitely in the runner-up to going big soon.

9. Pawngo

Pawngo puts a spin on classified ads. As the name suggests, Pawngo is like a digital pawn shop. If you have old electronics, jewelry, and other knick knacks around the home, place it up for their team to make an offer on it. If you accept their offer, you'll ship the item to their office, and they'll wire the money to you.

10. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has had private and public groups where people could barter. Now, Facebook Marketplace makes it simple and convenient for buyers to look for items and filter their results as well. You'll find a detailed description, photos, and the price of the item. However, as with all good things, some people have violated the Marketplace's terms.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these ten Craigslist look-alike sites can help you find or sell your big ticket item. For many, you'll feel more secure using the sites since people have to register. But you still need to watch out for cons such as invisible transfers.