10 Crazy Careers That You Should Never Give Up

Every year, millions of kids pass out of school thinking they would become the person of their dreams. And talking about fantasies, there are no limits what so ever.

From a guitarist to a painter, every youngster aspires something unusual and different for life. But very often, ten years ahead or so, we find ourselves in the same path we have so regretted earlier. We find ourselves taking the most conventional careers into engineering, medicine, IT, teaching or law.

On the contrary, some things and traditions have to be challenged. Gear up and step out of your comfort zone because you have got your dream to chase. If the below listed career options were your first choices and instead, you are following the legacy of your parents, then do read on and start working one more time.

It's never too late to start again at least not when you are completely off the zone.All this at the cost of little courage and dedication.

1. Musician/Singer
If you aspire to be a musician or a singer, then one thing you need to make sure is that you are practicing music on a regular basis. "Practice" is crucial to sustain longevity to your talent. And if you are all adept in your skill then no one can stop you from pursuing your goal. Start small. Update your resume on internet and follow resume templates and soon you will witness the human resources short list you for an interview. You can even start some music classes on the weekends and teach other aspirants. Better still, upload your music recording on internet and get recognized. You must have covers uploaded by various singers on you tube.Who knows? You could be the next. Just do not lose hope.

2. Rockstar
Same goes for the rockers. All you have to do is remember the good old days of college life when you used to be the lead in the band and people would follow you wherever you go. You know that talent comes naturally. If you had it then, you have it now. Age factor isn't a constraint to pull you down. Talent and caliber alone can let you rock the stage even in the age of Justin Biebers.

3. Painter/Artist
An artist remains one throughout his life. If you have the strength to paint on paper then you sure can paint your life with colors. With emerging technology, an artist can build a great career. Make a blog, follow other blogs and post and sell your creativity. Sooner or later you will be recognized. You can even establish a part time career as painter by organizing painting and drawing classes.

4. Writer
Writing- A career that can never go off the calendar. No matter what business it is, every company requires a writer. Creative writing, content writing, copy writing, blog writing etc. areheavily developing in the present scenario. To become a writer you do not necessarily require working for a magazine or a newspaper. Start up your own blog and fortify fan following. Print your poems and stories. Even a scholar in today's date can become a full-fledged writer. Why not you? Just upload your resume and start following up. Also do not forget checking resume templates. It can be immensely helpful in getting you your dream job.

5. Sportsman
Yes!Everyone was wrong in saying that cricket can only be a recreational game and not a full-time career prospect. And same goes for hockey, football, tennis and each sportthat is currently denied the amount of respect that itdeserves.

Even if you are young or perfect, go seize every opportunity you created for yourself by deciding to quit being played by fate and letting yourself decide your future. But if you are a little old, then don't worry. You can be a sports counselor, coach, commentator etc. What could be a better job than you helping people like yourself in chasing what you desired for?

6. Cartoonist
Be it the front page of any newspaper, you can find satirical cartoons criticizing politicians.Open the text book of your kid, and you will find some amazing cartoons and teaching aesthetics of life. So it isn't late, is it? Subscribe to the employment news, check career options in various publications, upload resume and follow resume templates. And there you go. Bid farewell to an old life of monotony when you can live among your cheerful cartoons.

7. Fashion designer
We really need some good fashion designers in industry. A single string gown with multiple cutouts is not a dress people could walk out wearing in the market. So think! You can be the guiding light for the living fashionistas. All you have to do is to keep your fashion directory up to date and search incessantly at career column in all fashion magazines. Many diploma courses and internship programs are also carried out by fashion designers. Do not miss them.

8. Actor
There is always a room for budding talent in the film industry across the world and not to forget theatres. Keep your portfolio updated and join a theatre to polish your skills. You never know which director would spot you and make you the next acting sensation.

9. Politician
A big salute if you aspire to be a politician. The recent events in politics across the world are sure to give you some assurance of a bright future in politics. Now every common man holds the capability to lead the nation. But yes do not try to be an anarchist as you know the worldhas its own way to correct things.

10. Chef
If you have been watching TV and still been wondering whether you stand a chance in cooking then seriously you need to change youroutlook. Participate in cookery shows. Be an entrepreneur and sell goodies like pickles, varied salads, mixtures etc. Or start a small scale restaurant. And if not this keep updating resume templates on various websites sooner than later some reputed restaurant will call you for an interview.

Brighter career prospects are offered to those who follow the resume templates strictly and are always updated with their skills and performance. So do not wait, go ahead and make your mark in the world.