10 Decor Ideas for That Wall Above Your Bed

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Home decor is all about mixing things up and getting creative, but when it comes to the bedroom it's pretty much a given that you will be decorating around some sort of bed. Unless you're living the hammock life, which is pretty cool too. So once you've set up the bed in the most logical position, it's highly likely that you're going to be left with a large, empty wall space above the bed. Obviously you'll want to add some art ASAP, but if you're not sure what direction to head, here are 10 clever and unexpected ideas to help you complete your sanctuary in style.


1. Gallery Wall: If you're a spatial pro, fill that entire wall with a collection of artwork that will bring your room to life. Or choose soft and neutral pieces to keep the bedroom feeling calm and restful. (via Lonny)


2. Patterned Paper: Odd-shaped bedrooms can make it hard to hang artwork, and small spaces can limit your options even more. Instead of cramming more pieces into your space, bring color and interest onto the wall behind your bed with a pretty piece of wallpaper. (via West Elm)


3. Hanging Textile: Go a little boho and bring texture to your overhead space with a bold and vibrant wall hanging. Whether you're a globetrotter who hauled home a rug from an exotic location or you just love an eclectic look, a patterned textile can be a great replacement for the more traditional headboard. (via Elle Decor)


4. Statement Art: Keep things classic and simple with just one big piece of art. For something restful, try a monochromatic piece of art, or opt for a colorful thrift store update for a fun, personal look. (via What's Ur Home Story)


5. Canopy Bed: If hanging art isn't an option, add a light and airy look to your room with this DIY version of a canopy bed. (via Dwell Beautiful)


6. A 3-D Piece: Texture is just as important in the bedroom as it is in the living room. Adding a sculptural piece of wall decor will give your space a fresh and playful feel. DIY a macrame piece or choose a couple of pieces to anchor to the entire wall. (via Old Brand New Blog)


7. Statement Mirror: The wall above your bed is another great option for a big, reflective piece. If you love a room with lots of light, a statement mirror will reflect any natural light and make your room feel bigger and more airy. (via Annie Schlechter)


8. Folding Screen: Add a little zen to your room with a stylish folding screen. The subtle design will bring visual interest without overwhelming a small room and create an out-of-the-ordinary focal point. (via Domino)


9. Matching Pieces: If a gallery wall feels too overwhelming, and a large piece of art is just too big, a couple of similar art pieces will bring the room together while maintaining a sense of calm. Matching frames allow you to have fun with the prints or choose artwork of similar themes and colors. (via Urban Acreage)


10. Bold Headboard: Forget the art altogether and go for a super awesome headboard that really makes the room pop. DIY one out of reclaimed wood or paint the one you already have in a show-stopping color. (via Lonny)

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