10 Dorm Room Date Ideas That Require Minimal Planning

Students flirting during class, South Africa
Students flirting during class, South Africa

Making time for dating while in college is difficult. You barely have enough time to worry about yourself, let alone another person. And what's more, there's the added pressure to plan romantic evenings that are constantly cutting into the time you have to relax.

But going on dates doesn't always have to be so elaborate or well planned out. Instead, plan your date out of the comfort of your dorm room. This way, the two of you get to stay in and relax, with minimal planning ahead of time.

1. Netflix Date Night

Have a show you've been dying to watch and know that your S.O. would love it too? Invite him/her over and binge away. There's no better way to unwind after a long day of classes than to cuddle up with a blanket and pillow and watch hours of mindless television. Perfection.

2. Have A Game Night

Those old board games that have been sitting there since you moved in are the perfect go-to for a night in. Life and Monopoly are some of the classics, but you could always mix this up with a poker night or a friendly game of Old Maid.

It isn't too expensive to pick up a board game or two, and presto! You have hours of entertainment.

3. Potluck Dinner

No big dinner plans for the night? Order a meal from a few different places and have a potluck dinner with your S.O. You can order some crab Rangoon from the Chinese restaurant down the street, and maybe some wings and fries from the local Buffalo Wild Wings, then top it all off with some cookies or cupcakes from the local bakery.

Whatever your taste buds require, go ahead and order it in. Plus, you'll have leftovers for tomorrow so you won't need to eat the nasty Salisbury steak they're serving in the dorms.

4. Movie Marathon

Time to re-watch all the "Star Wars" films again? There's no better time to do it. So long as you both have an interest, having a movie marathon is the perfect date night.

You can grab some popcorn and candies from the campus grocery store and let the films roll for hours.

5. Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is the perfect game for getting to know someone, as well as for having a good laugh. And the best part? It requires absolutely no pre-planning. All you have to do is show up and think up some good dares and you have yourself a dorm room date.

6. Blanket Fort

It doesn't matter how old we are, these will never get old. Invite over your S.O. and build yourselves the perfect blanket fort.

For added fun, bring in some coloring books and maybe pop in a few Disney movies. Embrace the childishness of this date and you will have an absolute blast, I promise.

7. Make Playlists For Each Other

Mix tapes are a bit dated at this point, but that doesn't mean that making a mix of music for each other isn't fun. So take each other's laptops and create a playlist in the iTunes library.

This is as close to a modern day mix tape as you're going to get, and yes, it's still a very cute/romantic idea.

8. The Perfect Bistro Date

There's nothing more romantic than a bistro. But why not bring the bistro to you? Pick up some biscotti and a few coffees and tell your S.O. to bring their favorite book.

It's sophisticated, it's relaxing and most importantly, it involves coffee.

9. Arts & Crafts

We're not too old for arts and crafts just yet. Pick up some materials for a tie blanket and make it together, or maybe make some popsicle stick picture frames for each other - the list of possibilities is endless.

So long as you're with each other and have a little bit of patience, this could be your perfect dorm room date.

10. Have A Study Date

Talk about killing two birds with one stone, huh? You can squeeze in time with your S.O. while also studying for that midterm you aren't even a little prepared for.

You can play some study games, quiz each other, etc. So long as you're together, this date has the potential to be more fun than you'd think.

So don't stress out about planning your next date, because there are plenty of ways in which you can have a romantic evening in the comfort of your own room.