10 Easy & Elegant Recipes For Your Passover Seder

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The Passover seder is a festive occasion for family and friends. And, of course, food is at the center of the celebration. From Chicken Matzo Ball Soup to Double Chocolate Pavlova, all of these recipes will make for a beautiful and delicious seder meal.


Making chicken soup is a bit of a "potschke," as my mother would say, but it's not hard -- you pretty much throw everything into a pot and forget it. And these delicious matzo balls are made from a mix. GET THE RECIPE


These brussels sprouts are roasted in a high temperature oven until golden brown and crisp, and then tossed with a touch of balsamic vinegar and honey. Make extra -- they're as addictive as french fries! GET THE RECIPE


Chicken Marbella is probably the most famous dish to come out of the beloved Silver Palate Cookbook by Julie Rosso and the late Sheila Lukins. I grew up eating this dish -- in fact, my mother still makes it on holidays and special occasions. The chicken is marinated in garlic and herbs, and then baked with wine, brown sugar, prunes, capers and green olives. GET THE RECIPE


This is my favorite brisket recipe, and it's surprisingly simple to make. There's no wine, stock or bottled sauces added; instead, the brisket is cooked on top of a massive heap of onions, which slowly caramelize and release their juices, making a flavorful French onion soup-like braising liquid all their own. GET THE RECIPE


Technically, this is not really a soufflé, but rather a baked puree of carrots, butter, brown sugar, and eggs that has a fluffy and delicate texture. It's also not technically a dessert, but it's almost sweet enough to be. GET THE RECIPE


Always a favorite, these carrots are roasted in a high temperature oven until caramelized and tender-crisp -- a cooking method that intensifies their flavor and brings out their natural sweetness. You can make them ahead of time and reheat in the oven when ready to serve. GET THE RECIPE


This cauliflower purée is creamy and comforting, and just happens to taste remarkably like mashed potatoes -- really! It also has the benefit of being easier to make, healthier and lower in carbs. What's more? Unlike mashed potatoes, which need to be cooked at the last minute, cauliflower purée can be made several days ahead of time and reheated it in the microwave. GET THE RECIPE


This creamy and comforting polenta pairs beautifully with roasts and stews. Made with instant polenta and frozen puréed squash, it's quick and easy to make. GET THE RECIPE


A pavlova is a cake-shaped meringue with a soft and marshmallowy center and crisp outer shell, usually topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. In this chocolate version, cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate are folded into the meringue -- which makes it deliciously fudgy -- and mascarpone cheese (Italian cream cheese) is added to the whipped topping. It's a wonderfully light, gluten-free dessert that can be made up to 12 hours in advance. GET THE RECIPE


It wouldn't be Passover at my house without a batch of Matzo "Crack." And it's so easy to make - no candy thermometers, special equipment or tempering of chocolate required. GET THE RECIPE