10 Easy Ways College Students Can De-Stress Right Now

We've all been there.
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It’s officially summer, and for most of us students that means a brief stop on the stress train.

For the next few months, we get to escape from exams, endless hours of studying, and, of course, tuition fees. Instead of spending hours staring at those ugly library walls, it’s officially time to spread our wings and have some fun ― whether it’s meeting new people at a summer job, enjoying relative downtime at a new internship or lounging by the pool.

But taking time to recover from stress isn’t something that should be confined to just a few months of the year. Because stress impacts your body emotionally, physically and behaviorally, it is important to find time to care for yourself by eating well, resting and having fun throughout the academic calendar.

To get ahead of the stress-relieving game, we’ve come up with 10 things you rely on the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. Check out our tips and learn how to kick that stress to the curb, both during summer vacation and when school starts back up again.

1. Blast your favorite playlist and dance.

Dancing is not just a fun way to jump around and let loose! Research suggests that dancing also improves your psychological well being and boosts self-esteem. Who wouldn’t want to boogie their stress away?

2. Hit the gym or take a yoga class.

Tackle that stress one situp at a time! Exercise in almost any form is a great stress reliever. Get active and get physical to release those feel-good endorphins that help improve your mood and clear your head.

3. Hang out with Netflix and watch your favorite movie or show.

Take some down time to chill and let yourself relax! Relaxing in general is a great way to reduce the activity of stress hormones and improve concentration. And sometimes it’s okay to let loose and snore!

4. Treat yourself.

Pamper away that stress! Sometimes everyone needs a moment to hit the spa or treat themselves to a mani-pedi. Taking the time to take care of yourself and enjoy some “me” time can be the perfect way to destress and enjoy a relaxing moment.

5. Ditch the library for a walk.

Feel the breeze! Research suggests that going for a walk and getting at least 150 minutes of light aerobic activity a week is a great way to ditch the stress. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be about hard core exercise.

6. Do something that will make you laugh uncontrollably.

Laugh it all away! When you laugh, it allows your body’s stress response to react and then cool down, causing a super relaxing feeling! Who wouldn’t want to humor away stress?

7. Get organized.

Sweep that stress! Getting organized and cleaning can be a great way to practice mindfulness, turning these everyday activities into a stress reliever. Concentrating on chores can keep you organized and feeling great!

8. Eat your favorite food.

When dealing with stress, it’s important to make sure you are taking the time to sit down and eat a meal ― preferably away from the computer or TV screen. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to your favorite food, but keep in mind a balanced meal is your best bet for feeling as healthy and relaxed as possible.

9. Drown your stress with a girl’s (or boy’s) night in.

Yes, please! It’s never wrong to find some downtime to hang out with your friends. Good relationships are important part of a healthy lifestyle, and confiding in them can give you the boost you need to feel reassured that everything is going to be okay.

10. Explore.

Go out and explore! Traveling and learning about new places is a great way to take time away from the stresses of daily life. Research also shows that taking a break can boost creativity and productivity.

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