10 Essential Characteristics of a Wellness Coordinator

Everyone does the job differently, and that's just fine. If you're going to manage your company's wellness program well, though, it'll help to work on these ten characteristics.
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Everyone does the job differently, and that's just fine. If you're going to manage your company's wellness program well, though, it'll help to work on these ten characteristics.


1. Persuasive
Wellness can be tricky because it essentially involves selling something to your coworkers. It's different than typical sales work, though, because you aren't selling a product or service. You're selling a concept. And, you have to make that concept applicable and appealing to employees at all levels of your company.

2. Listening
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. When building an employee wellness program, you need employee feedback. Sometimes you'll need to listen to things people outright say about the program. Other times, listening might be a bit more complex.

3. Positive
Positivity brings about long-term change. It's as simple as that. To be an effective wellness coordinator, it's important to coach your coworkers through the program. Motivate them -- don't scare them -- to make healthy changes in their lives.

4. Knowledgeable
Wellness extends beyond nutrition and exercise. True employee wellness encompasses everything from stress relief to financial well-being. It's important to study up on the different aspects of wellness, so you can decide what initiatives are best for your company.

5. Presentable
This goes right along with being persuasive. Your job will be much easier if your coworkers trust and respect you. Carry yourself presentably so the positive feelings are automatically evoked, even before you've said anything about your wellness program.

6. Persistent
Persistence is necessary in two different areas of wellness. First of all, some people won't be too wild about the idea of wellness at work. Stick with it, and show them the true benefits. Second, health changes can be gradual. It might take a while to see results, and that's okay. Keep chugging along as the support system your coworkers need.

7. Communication
Communication is important in... well... everything. This is especially true of wellness. Wellness isn't always top of mind in the workplace. Communicate effectively so your coworkers know what wellness activities are happening, can understand the benefits of taking part, and get excited about their own personal health journeys.

8. Adaptable
If you're truly listening to your workforce, you might have to make some changes to the wellness activities you're doing. That's perfectly fine, just keep an open mind. Similarly, if you're using a vendor, you might come to learn they just aren't a great fit. Again, keep an open mind and be adaptable to the situation at hand.

9. Stern
Many wellness programs involve incentives and vendors. Both are excellent options, but both might come with some challenges. It's important be stern with your employees about incentives so the reward can have a powerful effect. It's also important to be stern with vendors so you're getting the exact services you need.

10. Passionate
Wellness can be difficult. It's also worth your effort. In order to get the most of your wellness program (and not go insane while managing it), it needs to be something you truly care about and are willing to invest in.

Working as the wellness coordinator at your company can be super rewarding. Like I said, you all do your jobs differently, and that's okay. If there are areas that seem difficult, check out these ten characteristics to see if any might need some extra focus so you can get the job done smoothly.

Which wellness coordinator characteristics do you value most?

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