10 Essentials To Master Being A Remote Worker

Being productive every day is a challenge. The challenge is at least doubled if you are working from home - simply because home and work never seem like separate entities. If you have little feet pattering around, that challenge is suddenly increased manifold.

Here are a few must-do simple hacks that have an immediate positive effect on your productivity; especially when you are working from home.

1. Dress up

Most people working from home have a tendency to work in their night or gym clothes. How we show up is important when others are around, but did you know that it also has an effect on our own selves? How you dress doesn't just reflect your personality to others but also to yourself.

Feeling low on productivity? Change into your favorite office wear and feel the difference.

2. Budget your time

Just as money-budgeting increases your resourcefulness, time-budgeting increases your productivity. When you know you have hard stops (yeah, that's the time you will hear loud wailing from the other room signaling his nap is over), you push yourself to focus.

3. Chunk tasks together

Writing a blog post? Calling up clients? Doing laundry? Ordering groceries online? Bundle the tasks together, so you don't constantly switch between tasks. Write 2-3 articles at a time. Call all clients you need to contact at the most suitable time.

4. Sync Your Work Habits With Your Child's Routine

Babies have a rhythm of their own. Get attuned to the baby's routine as fast as possible instead of struggling to fit them into the adult schedule.

5. Kid-proof your gadgets

It could save you a lot of time lost in recovering deleted messages and apologizing for accidental calling.

6. Use cloud storage

Ouch! I learned this the hard way when my daughter poured tomato soup over my laptop. Always, always backup important files on a reliable cloud service.

7. Make them learn while you work

Familiarize your children to websites like Edutopia while seated beside you on your desk. Both of you can get lost in your worlds peacefully.

8. Invest in ergonomics

Most of us are tempted to work out of the couch or on the bed while at home. Not assuming proper work postures can result in a lot of lost time and frustrated hours. Invest in good ergonomics.

9. Cordon off your work area

Avoiding distractions at home is much harder because it's hard to separate tasks and spaces. As soon as they are old enough, get your kid(s) to understand that your workspace is essential and cannot be used as a counter to dump other stuff.

Alternatively, you could look at co-working spaces in your area like Corporate Suites offers in New York.

10. Get Help

Your being at home should not mean you are always available - except for emergencies. Arrange for day care or babysitting services to engage your kid while you work. Even two hours of distraction-free work will work wonders.

This article is an excerpt from the 137 Productivity Tips for Millennial Parents from Kidskintha.com