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10 Expert Tips To Keep An Organized Bathroom

Here's organizational hope for every hopeless mess!
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While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the bathroom is just as essential for the well-being of our daily lives. And any bathroom, from cramped powder rooms to expansive master baths, can all too easily become a jumbled mess during the morning rush. When those half-used bath bottles, toothpaste clumps and tangled cords pile up in every nook and cranny, it’s time to reclaim your wasted space.

So even though you may be knocking things over every time you reach under the bathroom sink, spa-like serenity can still be yours. We’re here to help you manage the mess and clear the clutter. That’s why we’ve partnered with Clorox to share professional organizers’ clever, functional ideas that can transform any messy nightmare into an organizational dream!

1. Clear Up Your Storage
“Store similar loose items together in clear storage containers or jars. You can use whatever you already have in the house. I use baby food jars!”
— Sandra Schustack, NYC chief organizer, Clear Your Space East
2. Use That Vertical Space
“Bathrooms can be very tiny, but there are still four walls of which you can take advantage. Consider installing hooks on the wall, not just for towels, but for hair ties and headbands. Use vertical, tiered trays for makeup and daily products you'd like out and accessible. Small floating shelves can be used next to the toilet, on a small wall by the bathroom door and even above the door frame. Decorative jars and baskets can really increase the use of these smaller shelves.”
— Amy Trager, Certified Professional Organizer
3. Hack Your Cabinet Space
“I live in an apartment with one bathroom and very little closet space, so I know how challenging it can be to find a home for all of your toiletries and bathroom supplies. A trick of mine is to use baskets under the sink. If everything is in a basket, you can pull it out and easily reach the items in the back. Now none of my belongings feel out of reach, I can easily get to anything and not knock over 20 bottles to reach one thing. … Funky containers make the space personal to you.”
— Maggie Lawlor, professional organizer, Island Time Organizing
4. Edit Your Makeup Supplies
“Put everything on the floor and categorize ‘like with like.’ ... When everything is with its group it will be much easier to see where there is excess. If you have eight blushes, that’s too many. Everyone knows which products they like best — keep those and toss the rest. We also love keeping everyday makeup in one bin or bag so getting ready in the morning is easy.”
— Ann Lightfoot, founding partner, Done & Done Home
5. Go For The Tiers
“The best way to organize in a bathroom is to sort, categorize and see what you have. ... On shelves, using tiered organizers makes it super easy to see what you have. If you can see what you have, you'll be able to use what you have without the stress of searching for it (especially when every minute counts in the morning!).”
— Meg Ricard, owner, Simply Organized By Meg LLC
6. Move From Countertops To Drawers
“No matter the size of your bathroom, clear off countertops as best you can; do not store your makeup on the counter. Even in a pretty container, it will take up space and contribute to clutter. Instead, repurpose a silverware tray inside a drawer to store your makeup and toiletries. Use an expandable one if you can for a custom built-in feel and bamboo to give it a luxe look.”
— Pamela Sherman, founder of Chicago Organized Home
7. Designate Your Travel Kit
“Anything that is infrequently used can be kept elsewhere. (In the home where I grew up, those things were kept in the linen closet.) Take any items out of your bathroom that you only use when you travel. Keep those items together in a travel kit in a different room – on a shelf of the closet, or maybe even inside your suitcase.”
— Sharon Lowenheim, professional organizer, Organizing Goddess
8. Keep The Process Going
“Keep culling, stay minimal, and clean up as you go — this keeps the bathroom under control, economical and attractive. Use all available space: the back and above the commode, empty wall space and inside the shower. These spaces all have potential for storage that we often overlook.
— Nancy Katz, Clutter Consultant
9. Use Extras For Guests
“Those minis can take over and clutter bathroom space. Store travel/trial size items in a clear decorative container in a guest bathroom so guests will have a nice supply of toiletries when they visit.”
— Monica Friel, president and founder of Chaos To Order
10. Find Moments To Multitask
“Organizing the bathroom does not have to be an all-or-nothing activity. Instead of spending hours making the entire space perfect, use bits of time here and there to declutter. For instance, while you are waiting for the shower to get hot or the bathtub to fill, clean out expired items from the medicine cabinet and drawers. One day you can focus on make-up, and the next you can tackle medications.”
— Sarah Giller Nelson, owner, Miami's Less is More Organizing Services

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