10 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Mean Girls,' According To The Cast

Cast members revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets that are so cool, they could probably make fetch happen.

When "Mean Girls" hit theaters in 2004, most of the cast was relatively unknown, but nowadays everyone seems bigger than Toaster Strudel -- or Gretchen Weiners' hair.

The movie was actually one of the first major film roles for actors Amanda Seyfried, who played Karen Smith, and Jonathan Bennett, also known as Aaron Samuels. Since then, Seyfried has gone on to star in tons of movies, such as "Les MisΓ©rables," "Mamma Mia!" and recently "Ted 2," while Bennett has landed movie roles, appeared in multiple TV shows and is also hosting "Cake Wars" on Food Network.

Despite all their success, the pair still looks back on the movie with fond memories and have recently revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets that are so cool, they could probably make fetch happen.

1. For fun, the cast mostly hung out with their moms.

Image: Mom.me

In a recent interview, Bennett told The Huffington Post that there wasn't any drama or secrets happening on set because they "were just a bunch of kids trying to make a funny movie in Canada."

"It was before everybody was who they were," says Bennett. "You had your parents, so there was a lot of family stuff. Lacey [Chabert]'s mom was there. Amanda's mom was there. We all like hung out with our moms."

2. Amanda Seyfried was amazed that they made rain with sprinklers.

Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

While chatting with Diablo Cody in a "Red Band Trailer" interview, Seyfried said the first scene she shot for "Mean Girls" was the weather report. Since it was her first time on a major film set, she says she was amazed by everything, especially the sprinklers making the rainstorm.

"I was like, 'This is how they make rain!' Like, fake rain. I was so blown away, and I didn't know if I was going to remember my lines, and I was so nervous," she said.

3. The "groolest" moment was watching the movie with the cast for the first time.

Image: Share Gif

Bennett tells HuffPost the "groolest" moment of the whole "Mean Girls" experience didn't come until the cast finally watched the movie together.

"We realized then we made something special," says Bennett. "It wasn’t until then that we realized, 'Oh, wow. This is it.'"

4. Amanda Seyfried actually hates Taco Bell.

Image: Giphy

One of Seyfried's memorable moments in the movie comes when she asks Regina if she wants to do something fun and go to Taco Bell, which makes sense, because Taco Bell is just a fantastic place.

Though Karen clearly thinks outside the bun, Seyfried told HuffPost that she doesn't. "Oh God. Gross," said the actress when asked if she actually eats Taco Bell, breaking our hearts in the process. The rest of the exchange went something like this:

HuffPost: So why don't you like it?

Seyfried: It's just not appetizing to me. I used to eat it a lot, so I just overdid it. Ugh, God. Gorditas. Ugh.

HP: No! I love gorditas.

S: I'm so sorry.

5. Jonathan Bennett got cast because he looks like Jimmy Fallon.

Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx3/27/15(NYC)

Bennett told HuffPost Tina Fey "absolutely" hired him because he bears a resemblance to her longtime "SNL" co-star, Jimmy Fallon.

"She said that's exactly 100 percent true," Bennett said, adding that he has never actually met Fallon, but he'd be down to show up on "The Tonight Show" as a Jimmy Fallon lookalike.

6. The cast gets reminded of their famous lines almost daily.

Image: BuzzFeed

From TV interviews to Reddit AMAs, the "Mean Girls" cast revealed on multiple occasions how hard it is to get away from all the quotable lines in the film. Bennett says he embraces it, though.

"I honestly don’t think more than one or two days go by when someone doesn’t come up to me on the street and says, 'Your hair looks sexy pushed back,'" he told HuffPost. The actor has even made the phrase his Twitter bio, adding, "That’s cool to have as my trademark, almost."

7. Amanda Seyfried actually hated high school.

Seyfried may play a popular Plastic in the movie, but it wasn't like that in real life for the actress. In an interview with EyeBite.TV, she said, "The world is much bigger than it seems in high school, and the people that don't treat you the way you need to be treated are definitely not doing it for any real reason."

8. There could be a new Regina George in the "Mean Girls" musical.

Image: Tumblr

Seyfried actually auditioned for the role of Regina George in the movie, and if it's up to her, she'll finally portray the character in the upcoming "Mean Girls" musical.

That's right: the actress told Allure she "desperately" wants to play the role in the adaptation.

9. Most of the cast want to do a reunion.

Bennett recently dispelled rumors that he didn't want to have a "Mean Girls" reunion, telling HuffPost: "To clear the record, it’s not that I don’t want to have a 'Mean Girls' reunion. I'm just tired about everyone asking about it."

Seyfried and others have also voiced an interest in reprising their roles, even if it's just for an "SNL" sketch; however, Seyfried told Digital Spy, "If [writer Tina Fey] is not on board or if she doesn't have anything for us to do, then I don't think we should."

10. There's still a 30% chance it's raining outside, according to Amanda Seyfried.

Image: Giphy

Seyfried told Jimmy Fallon she actually wanted to be a meteorologist growing up, so it didn't come as a surprise she was confident when HuffPost asked for the likelihood that it's already raining outside. "The last I checked, there was a 30 percent chance," said the actress.

God, Karen! You're so smart!

Image: iMovieQuotes

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