10 Fitness Apps to Check Out in 2016

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Technology never stops amazing -- especially as the growth of the mobile phone era continues to grow. The iTunes and Google Play app stores are filling up with the latest fitness apps. There are now over 165,000 health-related fitness apps since the release of the app markets only a decade ago. You can renovate your workout and enhance its effectiveness with these 10 hot apps right now.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android

If you are looking to donate to a charity, there is a reason to start walking and running in your local neighborhoods. Instead of doing local charity runs, you can start your own with the Charity Miles app.
So how does this app work? Well, it tracks every mile you walk, run, or cycle and it donates a few cents to the charity of your choice. These are sponsored by corporate businesses, which is how the funding is so readily available.

Next time you decide you're going to run or walk, download this and do some good work for charity.

2. Pear Personal Coach

Price: Free; does require you to wear a heart monitor
Available on: iOS

Hey iOS users, if you need a little motivation getting up and working out -- the Pear Personal Coach app is the right app for you. Using a real human voice, the app talks you through each of the workouts you perform. Whether you are at home, doing training programs, or even a yoga routine, this is a free coach that will help you with pacing through your workout.

3. MyFitnessPal

Price: Free
Available on: Android, The Web, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry

Are you interested in a fitness app that will help you with managing your eating habits while on the go? MyFitnessPal has been a popular website, and now they have an app, that is available on all devices. You can now track everything you eat from their long list of foods and drinks.

If you have caloric goals you want to meet, no problem. The MyFitnessPal app helps you manage all of your calories and eating habits in one of the easiest formats.

4. MyFizIQ

Price: Free
Available on: iOS

Tracking yourself with tape measurement is one of the most effective ways to really measure progress. However, even at times, this can still be tainted by human error, making you feel like you've gained more weight when you haven't. MyFizIQ Body Measurement Tracker is one of the revolutionary apps on the market that has innovated the way you will view the progress of your body.

Taking images of your body and scanning it, it gets a thorough analysis of your body and lets you track your results through the anatomy of your body.

5. Runtastic PRO

Price: $4.99
Available on: Android, Blackberry, iOS, The Web and Windows Mobile

Whether you need help running or need coaching for an upcoming marathon, the Runtastic PRO app comes highly recommended by many users. It is able to help you track your run and keeps you motivated with your daily or weekly goals.

6. FitStar

Price: $39.99/yearly or $7.99/monthly
Available on: Android and iOS

If you need a personalized workout that matches your fitness level, FitStar will help you come up with the perfect fitness routine. After each routine is finished, you rate the experience and difficulty so that it can better personalize a workout for your goals. Each time, as your fitness levels increase, you will notice how rigorous the training gets.

7. Cyclemeter

Price: $4.99
Available on: iOS

Do you want to track your progress a bit more thoroughly each week with your run, cycling, or other sports activities? Cyclemeter creates a good app for users looking to track their current speed, average speed, fastest speed and tracking how fast they were pushing through at every minute. It's an app that creates something others don't -- the ability to fully track what you're doing in every movement.

8. Spotify

Price: $9.99/monthly
Available on: Windows Mobile, Android and iOS

Spotify has grown from being just another music app. It now has become great for fitness enthusiasts who finds it difficult to get music that matches their speed. This app takes you on a ride with its "Running Feature" which matches music to your running tempo. If you speed up, it will play quicker tempo songs. If you slow down, it will slow down the tempo. How perfect?

9. Vida Health Coach

Price: $15/weekly
Available on: iOS and Android

If you need a personal coach that helps with your eating and fitness goals, then you may need more than what the other app has to offer. Vida Health Coach may be the ideal app because it offers you a wealth of personal coaches that work with you one-on-one to help you reach your goals.

Correspondence is usually done through the app, though you can have one day per week to video chat or voice call with the coach to get real advice.

10. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Price: $4.99
Available on: iOS and Android

If you need to find yourself a great ab exercise app, Runtastic Six Pack Abs is the ideal training tool for you. This app delivers you a solid coaching app that will help with all ab exercises. Even for those who need a harder workout, this app can be scaled to meet your needs. It's a great app if you need some ab training.


Fitness apps are creating a frenzy across the globe as people are finding more innovative ways to create them and help people meet their fitness goals. These are only ten of the hundreds of fitness apps available to you, but they are some of the best ones out on the market right now.