10 Fool-Proof Steps To Attract Your Soul Partner


Quit Wasting Time On Lost Causes

He is not going to change. She doesn't see your worth. He is not going to make you a priority. She is going to continue to cheat. You don't matter to him as much as you had hoped and no amount of sex is going to change the status of your relationship.

It is time to stop giving away your valuable time, emotional resources, self-esteem and sacred self.

If you are not being treated the way you deserve, it's time to move on.

Treat Singledom As A Gift

There is nothing wrong with you because you are single.


Singledom is actually a gift because you have been given space to heal from past hurts and betrayals in order to raise your vibration and attract a person of higher character and quality.

Time spent working on self is never in vain. There is always a payoff in the end.

Don't Look For The Right Person

Be the right person!

I'm sorry to tell you a partner, even a wonderful partner, will not complete you. A healthy partner will enhance our lives, but they cannot ever complete us - only we can do that for ourselves.

Whatever you are seeking from a partner (acceptance, love, worth, security) is a clear indicator of what you are not giving or nurturing in yourself.

By filling our own void, we organically lose needy behaviors and become a valuable asset instead of a heavy backpack.

Know Your Worth

It was your unworthiness that attracted the past users and abusers. It is your worthiness that will attract Mr./Ms. Ideal!

You've already succeeded in proving what your unworthiness can do; now it's time to see what your worthiness will do!

Remember, we were not put here to merely survive; we were put here to thrive! You are as worthy of a great relationship as every person on this planet!

Treat Yourself With Love And Respect

When we are not respecting ourselves, others will not respect us. When we don't treat ourselves as valuable, others will not treat us as valuable.

The Universe will continue to offer us opportunities to see where we are not honoring ourselves by the treatment we are receiving from others.

When we start loving and respecting ourselves, we step into a world of brand new possibilities. No longer will we accept the unacceptable from others nor will we attract it because our new vibe will say, "I'm valuable and if you don't honor that, I'm moving on."

Empower Yourself

Grow your self-worth and confidence.

Self-worth and confidence are cultivated when we recognize and acknowledge any personal victory large or small. Take the time to say "good job" when you have conquered a task or obstacle. Be gentle with yourself on your path.

Speak loving and kind words about yourself to yourself.

Be your own cheerleader.

Because when we approve of ourselves, we are not starved for the approval of others. What others bring to us then becomes a bonus to our already beautiful life.

Open Your Heart

A closed heart is like bug repellent. It's an invisible barrier standing between us and what we truly want out of life. It sends a silent message of "stay away".

We cannot have a successful relationship with an open-hearted person when our heart is closed. Our self-protection will always deflect what is trying to come our way.

Opening our heart tells others that we are excited about life, ready for adventure and courageous enough to try!

Authenticity Only

We are energetic beings constantly emitting our frequency outward. Eventually others pick up on who we really are no matter how manipulative we can be.

We cannot hide our true self forever and often trouble ensues when we are eventually found out.

It's much easier to be who we are from go. This is me. Like it or lump it.

There is someone for everyone. Your person is waiting for you, but s/he won't be able to find you if you are hiding behind a mask.

It's time to take your mask off and let your true self shine so your person can find you!


Do not linger in relations where you know darn well you are not interested.

If you are not feeling long-term interest in the person you are dating, let them go. I know how much the ego enjoys a smitten pursuer, but truthfully it's unkind and unfair.

Remember, we are here to find our soul partner and that will not happen when we are busy getting our ego stroked.

Do the right thing and let them move on.

Conduct An Exit Interview

Take inventory of all the relationships you've experienced and get radically honest about them.

What is your repeating pattern?

What is the common denominator said about you by your previous partners?

What responsibility can you take for your part in the demise of the relationships?

Even if your part is minimal, it's still important to take responsibility for it because your unhealed past will continue to be your present if you don't handle your business.

The soul partner you've been waiting for is waiting for you! For personal coaching on Relationship Recovery or Attracting Your Ideal Partner CLICK HERE. Kristen is ready to assist you on your journey!