Halloween Costume Ideas: Easy, DIY, Free Options (PHOTOS)

25 Free, Easy, DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

On a budget? Forgot what month it is and now it's slim pickings in the costume aisles? Perhaps this goes against Halloween principles, but have no fear. HuffPost has compiled a list of 25 easy, DIY spooky outfits that you can throw together this year.

According to The Daily Green, Halloween can be a wasteful time in the U.S. as millions of Americans purchase costumes that are used once and inevitably end up in landfills. With some creative DIY skills, you will be able to save money and go green this Halloween -- reduce your purchases of new items, and reuse what you've got lying around.

The Today Show had some interesting ideas recently, and Fox News offered rules for this year's festivities: Don't over think it, and ditch the sarcasm and abstract ideas.

Perhaps we didn't fully follow their rules with our list below, but it's solid advice, nonetheless.

Check out the last minute Halloween costume ideas listed below:

Cautionary Tale

Free Halloween Costumes

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