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10 Fruits to Add to Your Water That Will Totally Benefit Your Body

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Just add some fruit and you're on your way to fresh flavors and better health.

The list of health benefits that come from staying hydrated is endless. Hydration is important, but people drink a wide range of liquids to help with other day-to-day issues, too. For example, many of us drink coffee when we feel tired, or tea when we're under the weather. Wouldn't it be great if water helped with issues like these, tasted amazing, and kept you hydrated?

In an effort to help it do just that, plenty of companies are attempting to make water better-tasting and healthier by creating flavored varieties or sparkling juices that focus on benefiting various areas of the mind and body. Though some of these basic water alternatives are quite tasty, sometimes the added sugae and chemicals in these drinks defeat the purpose of drinking good old H2O in the first place.

Take a look below for 10 of our favorite fruits to add to your water.


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Apples are loaded with iron and low in calories. Though they're primarily an autumn crop, they're available all year long, so they are good choices for replacing fruits that aren't in season. They also come in many varieties, and each kind of apple provides a unique flavor.


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Blueberries are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants on the market. They're especially great to add to water because there is no preparation or cutting involved -- all you need to do is open up the package, rinse them off, and drop them in!


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This juicy fruit will give your flavored water just the kick it needs. Not only will grapefruit make your water taste both sweet and tart, it will also help flush out toxins and wastes from your cells.


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This tiny treat packs a big punch and offers plenty of health benefits. Kiwis are great sources of a cleansing enzyme called actinidin, which will give your skin a natural glow.

Lemons and Limes

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Swap your morning coffee for a glass of hot water and lemon. Or try chilled citrusy lemon or lime water instead. Lemons are believed to jumpstart your digestive system. They also contain d-limonene, which helps detox your liver.

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