10 Gifts That Make It A Little Easier To Live Life

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For most people, becoming a responsible adult doesn’t just happen naturally. There’s so much to learn when it comes to avoiding life’s pitfalls and building a fulfilling, balanced life. But the right tools can help. Here are some gift ideas to simplify the journey.

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This bundle of three online courses covers the real-world skills your family member or friend may have missed in school, including how to land a job, manage finances and improve credit scores. Many of us learn these lessons on our own over time, often by making mistakes. These courses aim to shorten the learning curve and better equip your gift recipient with key skills for success. Normally a bundle like this would set you back $467, but it’s on sale for $29. (The courses also make a great gift for yourself!)

Making your own meals can save money and help maintain a healthier diet. Consider giving an ambitious new home cook this set of kitchenware, which includes baking sheets, saucepans, frying pans and skillets ― all with a special coating for fuss-free cleanup.

Head over to HuffPost’s Food & Drink section for ideas and tips on making cheap eats or fancy meals, including how to make spaghetti carbonara without screwing it up and the 10 most popular Instagram recipes. This set normally retails for $250, but it’s on sale for $179.

Many of us start our journey into adulthood in small or shared apartments. This Vitachef electric cooking system is an appealing choice for cozy kitchen situations. It steams, sautés, slow-cooks, bakes, roasts, pan fries, stews, grills and more. Perfect for those who want to order less takeout (or expand beyond ramen and PB&J), the Vitachef system makes cooking (and cleaning up) quick and easy. Get it on sale for $100.

When things fall apart, a screwdriver can be a useful tool for putting them back together. This 24-in-1 set will ensure your gift recipient has the right screwdriver for nearly any repair job that comes up ― whether it’s installing light fixtures or replacing parts in a gaming console. The space-saving and easy-to-use package also features magnetic storage to keep everything in place. Normally $40, get it on sale for $30.

This motion-sensing HD camera can help your loved ones protect their homes and precious possessions, giving them (and you) peace of mind. It captures HD live video with a 125-degree wide-angle view, and users can access footage via a smartphone. Normally $100, it’s available now for just $79.

When distractions get overwhelming, these AirTaps wireless earbuds can help your harried friends or family members tune out the world and find focus and calmness. The earbuds last four hours on a single charge and come with a charging case that provides an extra 10 hours of battery life. For more gift ideas like this, check out our self-care collection. Get these on sale for $25.

Here’s a great idea for the newly minted home cook: a stainless steel protector that keeps fingers away from sharp knives while you dice and slice. Each package comes with two of these finger shields. We wish you and your loved ones safe cooking. Get it right now for $10.

Marie Kondo has showed the world the benefits of organizing your home. You can help your family and friends bring the same spirit of tidiness with them on the road with this TUO travel organizer. Undergarments and small accessories fit neatly into this foldable bag, which comes with three mesh zipper pockets, six internal elastic pockets and a handle for easy hanging. Get it on sale for $40.

The Urban 21 Commuter Bag can help make busy work lives more manageable. It’s tricked out with water-resistant 400D nylon material, comfortable padding, anti-theft pockets, a padded laptop pocket and a protective hardshell pocket perfect for sunglasses. Normally $240, get it on sale for $185.

Robocalls are annoying, distracting and persistent. Stop wasting time filtering – or answering ― these pesky calls and texts with Call Control, which employs AI and crowdsourcing to identify and block spammers and scammers. The tool also includes enhanced caller ID and reverse phone number lookup to help keep fake IRS callers and unwanted student loan offers at bay. It’s on sale right now for $20.