A Wish List of 10 Global Good Headlines for 2014

This is a critical time for those of us working toward a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable world. 2014 marks the run-up to reaching the anti-poverty Millennium Development Goals, setting a new global development and sustainability agenda for post-2015 and achieving an accord to counter climate change. As we push for continued positive and lasting global change for the world's poor, U.S. NGOs have an increasingly important role to play -- one that is vastly different than 30 years ago when InterAction was established.

With this in mind, I present you with a wish list of global good headlines. The list, in no particular order, is a starting point for a dialogue and by no means complete. What would you add? What headlines will you help us write? As an incentive, writers of the top three headlines will be awarded a free entry to InterAction's 30th anniversary Forum, June 10 to 13. I look forward to hearing your #2014NewsWish ideas.

My wish list of global good headlines:

1. Efforts Mount to Counter and Stop Crackdowns on Civil Society Worldwide

International community steps up pressure on governments that have imposed restrictions preventing NGOs and other civil society groups from operating independently and effectively.

2. Critical Humanitarian Aid Reaches More Children, Families

In a year marked by a heightened number of crises and the third anniversary of the Syria conflict, aid reaches more children and families in urgent need in Syria, the Central African Republic, South Sudan and elsewhere. Meanwhile, rebuilding efforts advance in the Philippines.

3. Corporations, NGOs Advance Inclusive Growth that is Pro-Poor, Sustainable, and Locally-Led

Companies and NGOs increasingly partner with local communities to design, implement and scale up innovations that support the world's poor in improving their lives. Shared-value efforts provide access to markets, create jobs and decrease income inequality.

4. 2014 Milestone Year for NGO Transparency and Accountability

More U.S.-based NGOs publish to norms established by the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), a global movement to make information about aid spending easier to access, understand and use. All InterAction members publish their project data on a new global map that is part of InterAction's NGO Aid Map initiative.

5. Sustainability, Anti-Poverty Agendas Merge in Post-2015 Plan

NGOs bring sustainability and development communities to the same table to shape joint plan to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015. The new goals capture the best of the UN High-Level Panel's report and are broadly endorsed by nation States.

6. InterAction 30th Anniversary Forum Sparks New Partnerships

NGO, government, philanthropic, corporate and civil society leaders came together June 10 to 13 at Forum 2014 to tackle some of the world's biggest development and humanitarian challenges.

7. U.S. Lawmakers Pass Robust Funding for Overseas Development Assistance

The fiscal year 2015 budget signals strong bipartisan support for development assistance, underscoring these programs not only help children and families survive and thrive, but are a key investment in global peace, security and productivity. Lawmakers also pass key food aid reform measures to reach more people suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition.

8. #EndPoverty Trends on Twitter

The movement to end poverty and inequality in our lifetime continues to gain momentum and dominates the discussion among policy makers, NGOs, faith-based institutions, the media and millennials.

9. Gender Equality Becomes Center of Post-2015 Development Agenda

Investing in girls and women is recognized as critical to achieving gender equality and ending poverty. Efforts increase to ensure girls go and stay in school, and that women of reproductive age have access to health services and information, including family planning.

10. NGOs Play Key Role as Implementers and Donors in New Development Ecosystem

NGOs with significant private resources are redefining how development is done, partnering in new ways with traditional donors, corporations, governments and local civil society. NGOs increasingly seen as "partner of choice" because of the trust and credibility they receive from the American people and their host-country networks of community leaders needed to design and implement effective programs.

What global good headlines do you want to see in 2014? Tell us, and join us in making them happen.