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10 Holiday Ornaments to DIY With Everyday Stuff

If you're feeling a bit crafty this Christmas, you don't have to look beyond your own home to find great raw materials for a bit of holiday DIYing.
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'Tis the season for retail stores to stock an amazing array of shiny baubles, all vying for a special spot on your tree. But as pretty -- and plentiful -- as they are, store-bought ornaments lack the personal touch you give when you make your own. If you're feeling a bit crafty this Christmas, you don't have to look beyond your own home to find great raw materials for a bit of holiday DIYing. Using everything from popsicle sticks to beer cans, you might be surprised what you can make when you let your creative instincts take charge.

In Awe of Straw
Here's a
that feels both rustic and modern. Using just straw and string, you can create an impressive geometric shape. These distinctive ornaments are made from natural straws, but you can certainly use plastic or paper straws instead. Get the tutorial at
Photo: NoBiggie
Bright Idea
The base of this tiny hanging snow globe looks like a
, but it's actually a clear plastic ornament that you can pick up at craft supply stores. Drop in tiny embellishments like a miniature tree or small figurines from around the house, add a few dabs of glue to secure the scene, then pour in glitter "snow."
has the step-by-step.
Rusted to Rustic
Beautiful barbed wire... it's not an oxymoron! This rusty star ornament was made using real barbed wire from an
. If you don't have any barbed wire lying around (who doesn't, right?) you can order small rolls on Etsy. After that, the rest is easy: Simply cut to length to create a star shape and secure the overlapping ends with jute string.
Smart Cookies
Cookie cutters have graced many a Christmas tree, but this clever version kicks it up a notch with the addition of a festive little jingle bell. Loop red-and-white baker's twine through the bell and around the cookie cutter to create a ready-made hanger for your new
Tile Talk
Whether your holiday message is "Let It Snow" or "Ho Ho Ho," you can spell it out with Scrabble tiles. After you've
, trace the shape of your phrase on a paper plate to serve as the backing for your ornament. A finishing touch of white texture paint adds the look of freshly fallen snow.
has the details.
Frosty the Corkman
Instead of tossing out old wine corks, transform them into small snowman ornaments like these. Three corks form the snowman's top, middle, and bottom; a colorful scarf and shiny top hat complete the look. Hang a few from your tree, or use them as gift tags on
of wine for family and friends.
A Glass Menagerie
Turn an ordinary child's toy into a "glass" collectible! After being treated to several light coats of Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint, this plastic polar bear appears to be made of delicate mercury glass. Before
, add a small screw eye to the toy to hold decorative ribbon for hanging. Learn more at
Stick Together
With the exception of some strategically placed glue, this miniature sled is made entirely of popsicle sticks. Stability comes from a couple of sticks that are broken in half and glued crosswise to the bottom. After you apply a coat of cheery
, lightly sand your sled to give it a naturally weathered look.
Ale Adornment
Now, this is
! These beer can ornaments have been carefully cut and folded along the edges to avoid sharp areas. To hang, stamp with a mini hole puncher and thread with some string or ribbon.
Reindeer Games
Why make just one when you can make Santa's entire fleet of reindeer in a snap? The materials for this kid-friendly craft are easy to find: bottle caps, goggly eyes, red buttons,
, and ribbon. All you need to pull it all together is glue.

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