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5 Household Tricks Every 20-Something Should Know

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If you've ever spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to untangle your earbuds or hopefully searching for the end of a tape roll, you're not alone. We're all looking for quicker and easier ways to navigate life, especially at home, with clever life hacks that don't require a PhD in engineering. Ahead, these 10 household hacks use items you already have in your home to solve some of life's most frustrating first-world challenges while going easy on your wallet, too -- they don't cost a dime!


1. Staple Remover = Key Ring Master

Let's face it: Attempting to pry a key ring open can test the patience of even the most determined among us. Here's a manicure-friendly alternative that saves both time and your sanity: Use a staple remover to easily clamp and hold the ring open while gliding on the new key. PTSD averted!

2016-02-24-1456339964-220371-image2.png ILLUSTRATED BY ISABEL CASTILLO

2. Tin Foil = Safe Dryer Sheet Alternative

Whether you've run out of dryer sheets or would rather avoid the chemicals they contain, there's a perfectly easy alternative to keeping your clothing static-free. Just toss a crumpled up ball of aluminum foil in the dryer with your laundry instead. It does the same job softening clothes and battling static -- plus you can use it more than once, making it eco- and budget-friendly. Just be sure the foil ball is smooth and doesn't have any jagged edges that could snag clothing.


3. Hairspray = Needle-Threading Helper

If threading a needle is the bane of your existence, drop the magnifying glass; we have a simpler sewing solution. Grab a bottle of hairspray instead and spritz the end of the thread to stiffen it, making it infinitely easier to guide through the needle's eye.


4. Eggshell = Eggshell Remover

Raise your hand if you've ever struggled in vain to remove a rogue bit of eggshell with a fork (or your finger, if we're going to be real). There's a much easier way, and it's right in the palm of your hand. Use the larger portion of eggshell to cut through the gooey egg white and fish out the offender.


5. Dishwasher = Oven Knob Cleaner

When the plastic or steel knobs on your stove become caked with grease and debris, simply remove them and place them in the utensil compartments of your dishwasher. Consult your oven's owner manual, but most knobs are dishwasher-safe. Plus, machine washing them beats trying to maneuver the nooks and crannies by hand.

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