10 Illinois Universities with the Highest-paid Professors

University professors work hard at their jobs, but that hard work pays off for many of them teaching at Illinois universities.

The American Association of University Professors releases an annual survey detailing faculty salary and compensation data at thousands of colleges across the country. A total of 46 Illinois universities were ranked on The Chronicle of Higher Education's website,10 of which are listed below.

While the survey looks at salaries and total compensation for full, associate and assistant professors, as well as instructors and unranked faculty, it ranks universities based on which ones had the highest average salary for full professors during the 2013-14 academic year. Included is the percent increase in inflation-adjusted average salaries from the previous year (2012-13), number of full professors at each institution, along with difference in pay between men and women.

Check out which colleges have the highest professor salaries in Illinois, according to the AAUP's Faculty Salary Survey.

*Note: Figures in parenthesis represent the percent increase or decrease in salaries from the previous academic year. Click on the links under each institution to see a more detailed breakdown of salary and compensation data for all faculty. The following institutions are categorized as either Doctoral, Master's or Baccalaureate.











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