9 Presidential Traits That Make Dr. Ron Paul the Most Electable Candidate

Americans need to elect a president in 2012 who is a self-made person with a track record of doing more than throwing empty words and money at problems. No more smooth-talking, self-serving presidents surrounded by Wall Street types and lobbyists.
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Americans need to elect a president in 2012 who is a self-made person with a track record of doing more than throwing empty words and money at problems. No more smooth-talking, self-serving presidents surrounded by Wall Street types and lobbyists. We are going on 20 years of electing two lawyers (Clinton for eight years, our current president for three years) and the son of a wealthy man (Bush for eight years). The U.S. needs to elect a true public servant who has the honorable character, wisdom and experience to serve America's well-being.

Here are the top 10 presidential traits our next president must have.

10. He is not a lawyer. (This eliminates Bachmann, Romney, our current president and Santorum, who are all lawyers.) He is not a Wall Street insider. He is not in the running due to an extremely wealthy and connected father who pulled strings and paved the way for him. (This eliminates Romney for a second time, and Huntsman.) He has a background in business and education and a track record of spending less than he makes and responsibly managing a budget. This leaves us with Rick Perry, Dr. Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Herman Cain (if his tenure on the Federal Reserve Board doesn't disqualify him) and Buddy Roemer.

9. She has served in a branch of the military. Protection of the U.S. is one of the most important duties and if soldiers are to be sent overseas, the president should know the reality of that. Applying traits 10 and 9, this leaves us with only Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Dr. Ron Paul.

8. He has been faithful to his spouse. Fidelity in a marriage shows honor, self-discipline and the ability to keep a promise. Sex and money are big temptations in positions of power. He needs a track record of being able to keep his word in the face of pressure and temptation. If married, the spouse is someone who would also serve the public well.

7. She has a track record of public service, so she understands how our country and government work. She will follow the U.S. Constitution and not assert hers or her party's agenda onto citizens, yet at the same time, she would explain and make the difficult changes that might seem unnerving at first.

6. He has strong personal values that are consistent with his voting records as well as his public and private conduct. We Americans know who we are getting when we elect him.

5. She will not threaten Roe v. Wade or support defunding Planned Parenthood. She will have the courage and wisdom to initiate intelligent, rational, creative and effective research and discussions that identify the root causes of unwanted pregnancies and develop approaches that lead to reduction and prevention of them in the United States.

4. He does not have a chip on his shoulder or something to prove. He has a calming influence and seems like an ordinary person. Your mind and body feel relaxed listening to him, not on guard trying to catch tricks, evasion or half answers. He is not hypnotic, overly charismatic or charming; this type of person is often not genuine.

3. When you watch videos of her or see her on TV, she is easy to understand and makes sense. She wants to empower others rather than confuse them and keep them dependent. She is like the good teacher you had growing up who made the material understandable.

2. He has a clear written plan for the U.S.'s financial stability, economic recovery, energy independence, spending cuts, social issues, legal immigration and border protection. He eliminates self-dealing and corruption while empowering Americans through self-sufficiency and independence. He has a history and track record of follow-though, integrity and honor in his matching words and actions. He is able to identify root causes of problems and present viable solutions.

1. She is honest, forthright and a true public servant who serves America, her citizens and does not serve herself and her inner circle. You feel comfortable trusting her with your life, the lives of your family members, your security and your money -- because that is exactly what you are doing when you elect the president.

Dr. Ron Paul meets nine of these 10 traits -- more than any other candidate, including our current president.

Take the time to read their bios and view their campaign sites. Who would best serve the country best based on these 10 criteria?

"In the circumstances, alarm is justified. The man who isn't alarmed simply doesn't understand the situation -- or he is crazy. But alarm is one thing, and hysteria is another. Hysteria impels people to destroy the very thing they are struggling to preserve."
--Harry Truman

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