10 Incredible Natural Household Cleaners

Healthy and safe homemade cleaning solutions are the best choice for your and your family. Check out these incredible natural cleaning solutions from Hometalk's most resourceful members.
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The chemicals used in today's cleaners are harsh on you, your home, and the environment. Why not use natural cleaners, which are just as effective (and sometimes even better)? Healthy and safe homemade cleaning solutions are the best choice for your and your family. Check out these incredible natural cleaning solutions from Hometalk's most resourceful members. Chances are, you'll already have many of the ingredients sitting in your pantry!

1. Granite Cleaner
You need to be careful cleaning granite countertops- most harsh chemicals will slowly eat away at your beloved granite! Instead, use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and dish soap. You can add in tea tree oil for antibacterial properties and essential oils for the pleasant smell- just be sure they are not corrosive to your finish, like all citrus oils are.
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2. Wicker Furniture Cleaner
No matter how intense the chemical (shudder), it will still fail to fully clean the tricky beast that is wicker furniture. So why not use natural and safe salt instead? The abrasive nature of salt water quickly and effectively removes dirt, even from hard to reach nooks and crannies. The sodium in salt water kills existing mold, and will prevent any mold from growing back too! You'll need to mix it with water or vinegar, just dumping a container of dry salt on your wicker will not do the trick.
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3. Ultimate Glass Cleaner
To get beautiful streak free windows and glassware, let nature's natural ingredients work their magic! All you need is rubbing alcohol, water, and lemons. You'll save a bundle by eliminating the expense of glass cleaners, window cleaners, and all those other chemical-laden cleaners.
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4. Better Than Bleach Mold Cleaner
Did you know bleach doesn't actually kill mold? Plus it's a very harsh chemical to clean with. Instead, use a human and earth friendly paste made with borax, water, and tea tree oil! For simple surface mold, there is no better solution!
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5. Hydrogen Peroxide as Laundry Bleach
Do you love crisp whites but feel a little guilty about all the bleach? Well make the switch to hydrogen peroxide and enjoy your sparkling white, whites unconstrained! You can use it as a pre-wash stain treatment too. Increase the effectiveness of H2O2 by leaving your laundry out in the sun!
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6. Ultimate Tub and Shower Cleaner
This incredible shower cleaner requires just 2 minutes! Instead of bothering with all the store bought shower sprays ($$), just fill a dishwashing wand with vinegar and liquid dish soap. Just give your shower a little scrub every time you pop in!
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7. If Life Gives You Lemons, Clean Your Kitchen
For the most effective degreaser around, don't turn to harsh chemicals, just mix up some vinegar, water, and lemon juice! These natural degreasers can be used on anything and everything in the kitchen- even your walls!
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8. Kool-Aide Toilet Bowl Cleaner
You know that stubborn toilet bowl ring that is starting to seem like a permanent feature? Well soon, you won't! You don't need harsh chemicals or elbow grease (whew!) - just Kool-Aide!
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9. Carpet, Rug And Upholstery Cleaner
In 10 minutes you can whip up the best carpet and upholstery cleaner out there- using everyday kitchen ingredients! Not only does it clean, but it will also restore the colors! This recipe uses common household cleaners that you probably already have.
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10. Ultimate Cleaning Machine: Vinegar
There really isn't anything vinegar can't do! It degreases, disinfects, cleans produce, unclogs drains, degunks anything, softens fabric in the wash, removes pet stain odors, polishes brass and copper, removes wallpaper, you name it!
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