10 Small Indulgences For A Happier Home

Big-ticket improvements that involve builders and cost lots of money can transform a house, but luckily there are also numerous small and inexpensive ways to give a home a boost.
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By Joanna Simmons, Houzz Contributor

Big-ticket improvements that involve builders and cost lots of money can transform a house, but luckily there are also numerous small and inexpensive ways to give a home a boost. Thoughtful touches and simple treats can send comfort and style levels skyrocketing and, better yet, leave your bank balance largely intact. So focus on a few little indulgences and get ready to reap big benefits.

Reboot your bedding. Even if you're not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, you will still be spending much of your life between the sheets, so treat yourself to quality bedding.

Cotton with a high thread count or crisp linen feels wonderful against skin. And while good-quality bedding will cost a little more, it will repay you with night after night of comfort. It's also generally more durable than the ordinary variety.

Enjoy fresh flowers. Cut flowers create a pleasing splash of color in any space, bringing some of the natural world indoors. Splurging on big bouquets can be costly, but you can use single stems instead.

Separate a bunch of inexpensive blooms and dot them around your home for a floral detail in every room, or cut unassuming flowers from the garden, such as these grape hyacinths prettily displayed in a cup.

Energize with pieces that make you smile. Add details to your space that make you smile. They may not be super stylish or crazily classy, but if they appeal to you, they will enhance your home.

Quirky objects chanced upon in unlikely shops, found treasures or knickknacks from a flea market -- whatever makes you happy deserves a place in your home.

Indulge in statement wallpaper. Statement wallpaper, by definition, works best in small doses. Refresh a hallway or a powder room wall with an eye-catching print. You won't need to use much in a small space, making this a fairly purse-friendly option.

Thoughtfully organize shelves. A lovely display is a small luxury any of us can pull off. Empty a cluttered shelf or surface and rearrange it with a selection of your favorite pieces. Once isolated and creatively displayed, they will become a positive focal point.

Buy good hangers. Wire hangers can stretch and distort clothes, and often become tangled inside a wardrobe, so ditch them for decent hangers instead.

Wooden designs are strong enough to support bulky garments and should last a lifetime, while hangers covered with a soft nonslip material will keep your clothes from falling off.

Weave in colorful accents. Even if you're committed to muted tones or love clean white, consider introducing a little zingy color into a room. Nothing reinvigorates a space more than a bright flash of color, adding a playful note that helps lift the mood of the room.

A vibrant pillow or rug, a funky chair or a painted table can be an simple and inexpensive way to wake up a room's decor.

Make room for marvelous mugs. Many of us drink several cups of coffee or tea a day. Turn this ritual into something really enjoyable by investing in beautiful mugs.

Your morning brew will taste so much better sipped from a pretty vessel that's been thoughtfully designed to sit comfortably in the hand, rather than from a chipped and chunky old cup.

Freshen with subtle scent. It's easy to overlook the positive and pampering effect of delicate fragrance in a home, as the visual and tactile appeal of a space tends to take priority. Softly scented rooms welcome you before you've even had time to admire the pillows or artwork.

Buy scented candles, diffusers and room sprays or, at the very least, throw the windows wide for an hour or two to refresh your rooms.

Showcase a terrific tray. An attractive tray is a treat for your home. Use it to organize a display, frame a selection of objects or simply show off your snacks.

In the bathroom, group candles and beautiful bottles on a tray. In a living space, use one as an informal drinks trolley, holding everything you need for a delicious cocktail.

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