Customer Service FAILS: 10 Industries That Draw The Most Customer Complaints (PHOTOS)

By and large, they're the companies you hate to deal with, but can't avoid.

The Better Business Bureau put together its annual ranking of the companies that generate the most customer complaints. The list is more than just a tabulation of which companies -- including repeat offenders like used car dealers and collection agencies -- it's also a measure of how far companies will go to resolve BBB complaints.

Last year's list was lead by cellphone companies, but they also resolve a higher proportion of complaints, as the Wall Street Journal noted recently. (Once the BBB receives a complaint, it gives the offending business 30 days to respond and prove that the complaint should be removed.)

So which industries are the most odious to customers? We've compiled the 10 industries that receive the biggest pile of customer gripes in 2009 and included the number of complaints they've worked to address. Check our list and vote for your least favorite below: