10 International Artists To Watch In 2013 (PHOTOS)

10 International Artists To Watch In 2013

The new year has officially begun, dear readers, which means it's time to discard your inhibitions and prepare yourself for what the next 12 months of emerging art has to offer.

Since we've already given you our guide to the 25 art exhibits we can't wait to see in 2013, we know you have at least a few creative events to watch out for this year. Now we think it only fair to give you a taste of international artists on the horizon as well.

We narrowed the list down to 10 international sculptors, painters, sketchers and filmmakers who have piqued our interest in 2013. Scroll through the list below and let us know which artists you're looking forward to seeing this year in the comments section.

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Tima Radya

10 International Artists To Watch In 2013

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