10 Indisputable Reasons Your Startup Marketing Campaigns Are Not Converting.

10 Indisputable Reasons Your Startup Marketing Campaigns Are Not Converting.
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So you finally placed an ad on the platform you think will drive all the clients you need, and you're waiting for the calls to start trooping in. You wait and wait, but nothing happens.

No entrepreneur likes to be in this situation, since it literally sucks money from your account. In the end, it's like throwing money away.

Have you ever wondered why it seems like all your marketing efforts are getting flushed down the drain? Don't worry, I will show you why. Not just that, I will show you what to do about it, so you can create a startup marketing campaign that converts the maximum number of leads.

Ready? Let's go.

1.You tried to reach everybody

Gone are the days of placing ads on ALL mediums to generate leads. It doesn't work.

Targeting everybody will make your campaign drag to a halt. It will be difficult to make decisions in real time, because you are everywhere at once. This makes your campaign less effective in the short term and long term.

In my experience, the DOMO business cloud software can help manage a startup marketing campaign targeting multiple platforms. It provides an operating system that will help you easily coordinate your data and strategize your campaigns effectively using dashboard visualizations.

Still, you need to stop going after everyone. Rather, only target people who have the problem your product or service solves.



Think about where your prospects live, work, eat, play, etc. Locate them, and market to them. Have a target audience, instead of trying to reach everyone.

2.Your post title and images suck

No offence, but you're irritating your audience with poor-quality images. Also, stop crowding your image with text. It was Leonardo da Vinci that said, "Simplicity is the ultimate satisfaction."

About Titles:

Incorporate keywords that describe your product or service with the words your target audience uses. Keyword research will come in handy here, and will also provide insight into the people who may be interested in doing business with you.

3.Your product doesn't fill a need

What if your titles, images and advertising strategy are on point, but when customers check out the product, they just walk away and never look back?

Please don't waste so much time advertising that you forget to provide your customers with a quality product or service that fills their needs or solves their problems. Work on your product.

4.You got tired too early


Why do you think Coca-Cola never stops advertising, despite their obvious success? They know that quitters never win.

Do you want your startup marketing campaign to start converting? Keep putting your stuff in the right places every day, and don't quit just yet!

5.Your ad carried too much info

You have ten seconds to make your pitch. Just tell your target audience what your product can do to solve their problems.

Make sure that your marketing campaigns focus mainly on answering your prospective customer's question of "what problem can this product solve for me?

6.You attached no emotion to your campaigns

We all have an emotional side. So make us feel something in your ad - something that makes us act.
For example, check out fashion designers who put a dress on a lady with all the right curves in the right places. They aren't selling a dress--they are selling an emotion.

7.You are not offering any freebies

Please give freebies. We all like free things, and the word 'free' has a magical effect on most people.

The general rule has always been to give before you receive. If you're just entering the market, allocate freebies as part of your budget. Put out a free ebook, or offer giveaways--you'll be winning more customers down the road. It works!

8.You don't have an email list

Remember all the free stuff you're giving away? Your potential customers should be signing onto your email list before receiving any of that.

For example, I co-founded a blog with my friend KC last year. Before we wrote our first post, we co-authored a book on "Overcoming Failure the Smart Way". It was a personal development blog and the book was a motivational way to keep moving and not give up.


We asked our readers: "You want the book? Simply subscribe and you will get it delivered to your mail box free of charge." They all jumped on that.

Freebies work! But beyond that, get an email list where they can sign up to gain access to those freebies.

9.You tried to do it on your own.

Yes, you must be willing to walk alone at times, but you should also leverage your contacts to help spread the word. The professional term for this is networking, and yes, it's still crucial in 2016.

10.They don't just like you, or your brand.

There are 7 billion people on planet earth. All those people don't have to like you and your brand, but some do. No matter how good your marketing campaign is, you're not going to have much luck selling ice to an Eskimo. But does that mean selling ice is not good business? No! You just need to change who you're marketing to.

If they don't like you, find out why and adjust, or change bearing.

The points above should help you strategize in your next marketing campaign. I guarantee you; things will change for the better.

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