10 Kickstarter Projects That Make 2017 Better Than 2016

10 Kickstarter Projects That Make 2017 Better Than 2016
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While 2016 had its ups and downs, the arrival of 2017 brought about new beginnings, with a promise of better things to come. And, using Kickstarter as a gauge, 2017 promises to be full of exciting new products and opportunities to make our lives and businesses more productive, convenient, fun and just plain cool.

Here are 10 Kickstarter projects underway in 2017 that give us hope that this will be the best year yet:

1. Rocketbook’s Everlast Notebook gives you the look and feel of a traditional notebook, without the need to ever buy another notebook again. Connecting to all your cloud services, such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive, you can use a Pilot Frixion pen to write in Everlast’s pages, easily scan the page, and then erase with water. Each day can start you over with a seemingly brand new notebook.

2. Tenkiv Nexus: As a Kickstarter project dedicated to helping the world, Tenkiv is a continuation of a previous Kickstarter campaign known as the Tekdaqc, which is already in use around the world. Now, the Tenkiv Nexus has been created to focus on solar power as a modular renewable energy solution. It’s also designed to help provide clean water.

3. CTRL The Robot: Launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CTRL The Robot is a robotic arm that is made for the home and office automation markets, allowing a computer to do real-world tasks. Because who doesn’t want their own robot? You can teach it to do simple or complex tasks by programming it using open source text, or even by physically manipulating the arm.

4. Blackbird Label Men’s Pants: Ever been in a business meeting where all you can think about is how uncomfortable you are in slacks? I know I have. Enter Blackbird Label pants: a unique product for professionals that offers the comfort and feel of sweatpants but with the professional look of slacks. Known as the Stealth Comfort Pant, these men’s trousers are machine washable and wrinkle resistant, with extra deep pockets to hold our treasured smartphones. The trousers also flatter all types of figures, offering a great way to make that first impression.

5. Speedx Unicorn Bike: This is the first-ever lightweight road bike that comes with VCS, which absorbs the bumps in the ride. Which provides for better comfort, speed, and control over the bike. It also has an integrated power meter with built-in sensors and GPS so you can analyze all types of cycling data to improve performance. It’s a pretty sweet ride!

6. Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer: As an online influencer, I frequently make videos, but unless I have immediate access to a desk, there’s the inevitable shaky video experience. Luckily, not anymore! From the company producing Hollywood cameras for over four decades comes a smartphone stabilizer that was built for the live video streamer. The stabilizer recently received an innovation award at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

7. Stagg EKG Kettle: Coffee lovers will think 2017 is the best year yet with this variable temperature electric kettle that also has optional Acaia Bluetooth app connectivity. Each person in the house can set a preferred temperature and the kettle remembers it. The kettle can also hold that temperature for you. Its sleek, minimalist design also fits into the modern kitchen.

8. Beelinguapp: Use this app to learn another language in a unique way. The text is shown in two languages – your native tongue and the one you are learning – side by side, highlighted as you read them out loud in an almost karaoke way. It also functions as an audiobook, offering recordings of native speakers reading the text. The reading animation has been found to help people retain the language and learn it much more quickly than other methods.

9. CubeFit TerraMat: Our doctor has told us that sitting all day at a desk is unhealthy, but the alternative standing desk can leave you worn out. Meet the CubeFit TerraMat, an anti-fatigue mat that helps you stand longer without the usual energy drain afterwards. Designed with exercise and yoga positions in mind, the ridges and bumps on this mat allow for continual movement, and keeps you feeling energized throughout the day.

10. Raboo Smart Charging: As any entrepreneur will tell you, and anyone with a smartphone can safely say, our lives depend on whether we can charge our devices or not. The patent-pending technology prevents overcharging, which can essentially kill your battery’s life. The Smart charging technology also allows users to control the charging limits for their device batteries. It’s small and easy to carry along with all the other devices we will need it to charge.

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