10 Lessons From This Season Of 'The Bachelor'

This season of ABC’s reality show “The Bachelor” was filled with quirky characters, delicious villains, and too many GIF-worthy moments to count. But these larger-than-life people have a ton of unexpected wisdom for us. Here are 10 life lessons from Nick Viall and his 30 (mostly) memorable contestants:

1. You can try to dazzle your potential mate with props like an uncooked hot dog hidden in a book or a real live camel because you “heard they like to hump,” but it probably won’t work out.

2. However, a dolphin (shark?) costume is always a good idea.

3. Always have a “go bag” packed before a date—in case it goes so badly that you have to leave the country afterward.

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4. It’s OK to steal your crush away from another person. But it’s rude to steal them back from someone who just stole them from you.

5. Don’t freak out if you barf on the first date.

6. Alexis is right—Nicholas Cage is terrifying.

7. Winners (and Abraham Lincoln) take naps.

8. If for some reason your significant other wants to shovel poop, smile and pretend to have a good time.

9. Or you could just say that your hands lost circulation to get out of any undesirable activities.

10. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, but you have to hope that better things are waiting for you.

We’re rooting for you, Rach!

For even more juicy Bachelor secrets, check out former contestant Olivia Caridi (Ben H’s season) at BUILD Series NYC.

And stay tuned for Rachel Lindsay’s historic Bachelorette season on May 22!

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